10 Mistakes NEW Video Editors Make (Video Editing for Beginners!)

10 Mistakes NEW Video Editors Make (Video Editing for Beginners!)

44 thoughts on “10 Mistakes NEW Video Editors Make (Video Editing for Beginners!)”

  1. I used to over edit and add a bunch of transitions and sound effects where they weren't needed…I've came a long way..and these tips are a good refresher course

  2. Excellent information and I have done and posted two short videos and took me ages to make them due to those mistakes you explained and pointed out. Thanks a lot.

  3. Thanks for the great tips…and…I also love the ruler at the bottom! These tips are going to really speed up our editing!

  4. As a new YouTuber, the info you presented is PRICELESS! I've been struggling with editing, and just not completely satisfied with any of my videos yet (partly due to lousy cameras that I recently scrapped).

  5. Point number 10 is a good one about giving notes while recording, handclap, hand held to screen and then state the reminder point. Often the edit may be done weeks or months ofter the filming and it's all long forgotten by then if you are just relying on memory. Back end editing on best takes is a sensible idea.

  6. Have to say that in this video you offer some really good and sensible advice and shown in a very 'comfortable' manner. I especially agree with your comments about avoiding pointless transitions and effects, IMHO very few are of any real use and I can never understand why much video editing software has so many of them 'built' in.

  7. I’m planning to launch next year and I am learning everything I need to know this year (lol on everything)—- and I can tell you this is what we need more of For New Beginners— on everything. So many people say they’re showing tips for beginners, but obviously, there are several classes of beginners. You give actual, specific, actionable items; not just vague platitudes and it is very much appreciated by those of us who are trying to learn best practices. Thank you so much… I have followed, subscribed, hit the bell —-and everything I can possibly do—- because you are that awesome!

  8. As to the back up tip, I used Wondershare filmora and if my computer restarts it has where I left off saved. When I used VSDC editor I'd lose everything if the app crashed or if my company restarts. Saving is.. Important especially for editors that don't save where you were before an app crash.

  9. I really like the use of the on-screen notes in the glitch in/out to reinforce. Great stuff.

  10. I’m deciding between a 2017 15 MacBook Pro and 27 5k iMac is editing in the go important to anyone who does it? Or should I go for a more powerful iMac?

  11. hi it's been 2 years since i started to watch your contents. very happy you keep giving us great tips. can you make a tip for subtitle files ? i use lumafusion mainly and sometimes fcpx. but subtitles are so strange;;

    backing up timeline is something i didn't do. now i learned something.

  12. Another tip is to go through all your video footage even before you start importing to your editing software. In other words, decide what to use and what to reject and only then import

  13. Just watched this video and will be showing it to my intro to video production class tomorrow, this is an amazing video for beginners!!

  14. This video makes me feel really good about myself lol! I use Premiere Pro and I feel like I've really got the hang of it. The more I use it the faster I get my edits done, and I go about it just as you described in your video! I find that deleting extra footage and bad takes before I upload it to my computer cut my editing time down considerably. Thank you so much for this video, I feel like it affirms that I'm going about my editing correctly. Still have more to learn but I'm really enjoying the process

  15. My advice — do everything on the fly — don't waste any time in editing — cut, cut, cut — reduce your Content or Story down to 3 minutes or less — try doing it in 30 seconds — then 60 seconds — than in 2 minutes — go for the BIG BANG — like in TIK-TOK — people don't want to listen to long videos online — True –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLMy2bpGdOE

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