#141. Breakfast with Donald – September 12th 2019

Good morning It’s ten past eight on Thursday the 12th of September 2019 Muesli for breakfast this morning eh, day two, I usually have it three days in a row because there’s three portions in the yoghurt pot so it’s muesli, 45 g of muesli, 30g of trail mix, a spoonful of toasted wheat germ and 150g of passionfruit yoghurt Deeelicious Bon appetit I’ve been up a while I was up about 6 o’clock but eh, I had a parcel to collect, from the post office and the depot is only open between 6 and 7 in the morning It re-opens at 9 and it’s open until half eleven But, like the big baby that I am, I was impatient to see what it was I guessed it was my measuring spoons and cups that I got, when I bought my new fitness tracker I got a twenty dollar voucher for leaving a review a warm review Which I would have given a warm review anyway so I got a 20 dollar voucher but it was for Amazon.com, America so I had to find something and it’s handy to have a spare set of measuring cups and measuring spoons it’s American measurements, ‘cos all the recipes uses cups and spoons none of this metric stuff for the Americans mind you I use both, so it’s like centigrade and fahrenheit I use both of them centigrade for cold, fahrenheit for warm So, that’s what it was, so I got up, had a shower, had a wee walk along eh, and that’s what it was The reason I missed the parcel was Yesterday, I tried to make it to Musselburgh, I didn’t make it I got the bus, I left here at about, I dunno, quarter to eleven and the bus, according to the app, was 10.55 But according to the timetable it’s 10.59 Anyway, it came at eleven minutes past eleven so, the connecting bus, in Haddington is at half eleven so of course by the time the, our lackadaisical driver, who wasn’t bothered about anything wasn’t in any hurry didn’t try to make up time or anything that bus got in late to Haddington, so of course I missed that bus which means the next bus is an hour wait it’s an hour between buses so by that time I was desperate for a P so I found a toilet and then, at that, I had looked up alternate buses and I would have to get another two buses and I didn’t know where one of them stopped, and I thought… so I was passing the bus stop and there was a bus stopped that was coming home to Dunbar, so I just got that I was, I was losing the will to live, with the buses buses stress me out, I hate, I hate travelling by bus so I just came home so I phoned Wullie so… I’ll try again some other time try and get the connections but you would think the connecting bus would wait for the bus to come in before leaving But no, they try and stick to the timetable, but it’s not about the timetable, it’s about the people who are catching the bus, that’s the whole point of it so, there’s no common sense involved anyway, I was sick of my life yesterday so I missed the parcel, I missed the delivery That’s a wagon reversing might be the bin motor, it’s bin day that was another reason I went along early, I had to take my bin out there are some people, who have overflowing bins who haven’t put them out to be collected there’s some real manky folk in this stair seed stuck between my front teeth I’m trying to remember what I had for tea yesterday I’ll put yesterdays food diary in here I had, I started off with muesli breakfast then I think, I can’t remember if had apples before I left, I think I had a couple of apples and then when I came home, I had it was a new thing, it was eh Jackfruit Thai red curry a tin and micrograins and microrice and it, some of the reviews I had read on Asda says it wasn’t that great and they were right it wasn’t that great, it was… once I added some hot sauce to it, it was fine then for my tea I had stir-fry and then, I think I never had anything else after that, I don’t think so I’ve ran out of stir-fry veg so I’m gonna walk up to Asda this morning get my steps in I think that’s just over two mile it’s a mile, one point two mile there, one point two mile back Unless I go, what I thought was my shortcut, which is a mile and half there and mile and a half back some shortcut that so it’s a not bad day, it’s a wee bit breezy, but… yesterdays video I says about being optimistic about getting it up before I left for the bus I did I edited it quickly I didn’t do the sub-titles, that’s what takes the longest time but I done that when I came home I wrote out the sub-titles, transcribed them and added that file so if you’re watching there’s always a… if you choose captions, there’s… don’t choose the auto-generated, not unless you want a good laugh choose the sub-title files that are there English and it’s usually English, United Kingdom as well those are the files, the sub-title files I’ve added ‘Cos I’ve stopped embedding subtitles ‘cos I don’t need to do that really Anyway, it was just for my Mother, so she could watch it with the sub-titles on but they don’t watch these videos I sometimes send a link but they’re not interested it’s sad when your own family’s not interested, eh anyway eh, that was delicious btw eh, thanks for watching I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully Ta ta for now

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