Couple Get Divorced So Their Girlfriend Doesn’t Get Jealous

Couple Get Divorced So Their Girlfriend Doesn’t Get Jealous

BENNO KAISER: We all live together. We share one bed. We have three children and they are
very happy with having three parents. COMM: When Cristina and Benno exchanged wedding vows, they never expected that another woman
would end their marriage. BRIANNA KAISER: My mom and dad was with Sierra. She was our friend but now she is our wife. COMM: But 12 years on, the parents of three are getting divorced, so their new girlfriend
won’t get jealous. SIERRA KUNTZ: There is a lot of love. I never feel neglected. We all love each other very
much. I’m very in love with Cristina and I’m very in love with Benno. BENNO KAISER: We knew that being married was something that would exclude the other person
from feeling included as part of our family, so we decided that the best thing to do was
to get a divorce. I’d say within the next week the divorce should be finalised and we
will be completely free and single. Except not. SIERRA KUNTZ: Except not. COMM: The couple opened their marriage after Cristina admitted to feeling that there was
something missing in their relationship. CRISTINA KAISER: I knew I was attracted to both men and women, and I think this type
of relationship like helps me satisfy both, you know, the male attraction and the female
attraction, because I’m bisexual. COMM: Luckily, Benno was open to the idea and after a couple of failed liaisons, the
pair met Sierra at a local mall. SIERRA KUNTZ: I sold reptiles and this very beautiful woman came up to me and asked for
my number and she had just been standing there with who I thought was her husband and I thought,
‘Oh no, if I give this girl my number or get her number, this guy is going to be so
mad.” Turns out, I guess, he was really happy about it. COMM: And the benefits of polyamory also extend into the bedroom. BENNO KAISER: We have not had a night that we don’t all involve each other in some
sort of sexual activity. So I guess that’s the nicest way to put it.
SIERRA KUNTZ: Everyone’s usually involved. BENNO KAISER: We are all involved with each
other and as you can imagine it’s a threesome. So it’s, it’s good.
SIERRA KUNTZ: It’s very busy. BENNO KAISER: It’s busy. There’s a lot
of hands everywhere. COMM: After quitting her job at the exotic pet shop, Sierra now has taken on the role
of stay at home mum to the family’s three children. SIERRA KUNTZ: We have three times the love and support that, that one parent could give
and their teachers even comment on how, how happy they are.
BENNO KAISER: They are always bringing up the fact that they have two moms and one dad. ISAIAH KAISER: I have two moms to help me out with my homework, I also have two moms
to love and for them to love me too. My friends think it’s weird. They don’t understand
how my mom likes to have another mom in the house. They don’t understand. SIERRA KUNTZ: We never want our children to feel like they have to hide themselves from
us. We’re proud of who we are and we expect the same from our children. CRISTINA KAISER: Seeing them fall in love with each other has been incredible to me
and the fact that they both love me equally, it’s much better.
BENNO KAISER: We have a love that I know is going to last for our lifetime.

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  1. This is a proof that a real & healthy relationship is meant to be just for TWO party, feels so bad for the man & also their children.

  2. I mean do as you please but why subject children to this disgusting behavior. Kids are sponges they soak everything up, last thing we need is more people practicing this ridiculous disgusting philosophy. It’s just so upsetting. Why must humans continue to become more repulsive over time 🤦🏾‍♀️ ???

  3. To each their own, but what about if something (God for bid) happens to him. The wife may not be entitled to anything. What about her health insurance, if he gets it through his job. Just confuses me.

  4. Although jealous, I don’t think kids should be seeing this kinda stuff. These kinda things are what’s making the younger generation the sissified weirdos that get offended by everything that they are

  5. I hate seeing all these negative comments Its love
    Its basically like loving 1 person but also in love with another and they love eachother equaly and If the negative comments don't like this kind of stuff why were they watching this in the first place? just to send hate on people they don't even know irl?

  6. As crazy as it may sound I think it was smart for them to get a divorce if they want to bring other people in the bedroom divorce was the best option

  7. It seems like the wife is getting the attention she wants and the husband is getting the sexual attention he wants.

  8. You see this is why I will not marry my bisexual girlfriend LOL and she even said that she wants a girlfriend when were married …Ha!

  9. So this girl basically got her girlfriend to divorce her husband, AND gets him to bankroll their relationship in excha for throwing him a bone in the bedroom. Nicely done!

  10. Honestly of all the poly relations i've heard of, this contellation seems the least toxic. A hetero dude shouldn't have too many problems even if the girls are more into each other than into him. As long as they don't push him out it should be fine.

  11. My kids range in age from 33 to 14. They grew up with 2 mom and a dad in a polygamous lifestyle. They are all proud that they have both moms and a dad. And were never embarrassed because to them it was normal.

  12. I don’t know that I would be in a polyamorous relationship but I don’t see anything wrong with it. The more parents the better

  13. Uh no does it look like i like sharing

    I don't judge

    But i can't share…..🔪 💀

    I need my 🍆 by my self

  14. Honestly I don’t think I could be in an open relationship. I can only truly love one person and give my all to one person (relationship wise) I would probably also get jealous lol

  15. Wow, she's having her cake and eating it too. The guy is just enjoying the show…he doesn't seem to care

  16. This is so screwed up. Watching this simply confirms to me the correctness of God’s design for marriage and of living a biblically based life.

  17. These girls are lesbians 100% When that divorce goes through, this dude needs to get the fuk outta there. The one who comes up with the idea is the ONLY one ever into it.

  18. Someone tell me in this situation. Is it cheating if one walks in the room and finds the other 2 having sex without the third person? I think it is 🤔🤔

  19. These fukers are having a threesome every day of course is nice for the madafaka !!! But the kids?? Selfish madafakas.

  20. Uhh ~ Uhh .. 3 adults, idiots, all of them Should be shamed and then some! Attention whores & their in home John…

  21. This is on behavior for them I’m sorry to say that but Relationship means that to 2 people not three And every children should have 2 parents not 3

  22. Smh. I just asked my bf if he’d be open to polyamory, he goes “what’s that?” and I said “when we add a man or woman to our relationship” and he steps back and gives me this look like “bish you crazy!” And followed with words similar to the look he gave lol. It’s definitely something only certain people can do.

  23. Have you ever noticed, whether those involved in polyamorous relationships are young or old, it's pathological immaturity that reigns?

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