CRAZY MTB TRAILS – This Spot is Insane!

CRAZY MTB TRAILS – This Spot is Insane!

the best feature is the shark fin over here we can’t miss a good old party train with all the boys! hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video! as you can see we are not at LaPoma bikepark, we went to the SCR Trails its edi’s spot and he and his crew put so much effort and love into this incredible spot he texted me on instagram if I want to come for a session and for sure I do! not as wind effected here, cool spot with a jump lone located in between some trees such an art piece I would say. made with love lets check out the spot and ride bikes first lap together with my buddy Jeremy three jumps here the best feature is the shark fin over here step up to finish things of Jeremy and I are going to show you the spot through my helmet cam following him so you can also see him flying and doing tricks the shark fin is the best the boys are having a bbq right now and we are invited perfect day at the trails, bbq and biking, what more can you ask for? Jeremy and I are doing another lap after getting food, Robert is firing up his drone, so expect some footage later on! not as much air time on the last jump its a huge step up, slippe da foot on the double whip, which means we have to re do it leerst do another one and I am going to get sh*t done now! warnt touching the ground this time everybody loves the monkey move haha did some laps to get into it these are trails, which means the landing is as stepp as the take off (almost) so: its way harder to trick! my challenge now is to 360 every jump in this line, except out of the whale tail! out of the shark fin is not a good idea lets do it one more time and lets Add some more combos its always cool to tick off stuff from the list, such as this 360 line now Robert my filmer wants to shoot some cinematographic stuff now so i will do some more laps and he is just doing his thing, we will add some music later on. lets roll the edit! the one homie wants to bring his mulch jump 360 to a real jump now lets watch it dope edi is even serving us coffee, how good is that that’s the dope thing about biking: you will visit a place far from home, you don’t know anybody but as you show up you get welcomed. everybody rides together, you have fun together, share good times. having bbq, getting free coffees. where else would you have that? we would do exactly the same thing for them, but its just awesome and so friendly! stoked on coffee what we can’t miss is a huge party train! he did his first 360s earlier on and edi did his first tailwhip now. but you didnt film it right? I guess he will re do it! and Sergio wants to do the same the boys are sending it that’s the proof right here, as we haven’t filmed the first one such a cool day at the trails today Robert still has some drone footage which he has shot earlier on, so lets check this out right now as i said: what an incredible day, having bbq and riding bikes! so good hope you guys liked this video, see you in the next one, peace! and merry Christmas for suuure!!!

56 thoughts on “CRAZY MTB TRAILS – This Spot is Insane!”

  1. Das Video wurde eine Woche vor Weihnachten aufgenommen, sonst hätte ich euch natürlich im Video Frohe Weihnachten gewünscht. Nun auf diesem Wege: euch und eurer gesamten Familie Frohe Weihnachten, besinnliche Tage und hoffentlich auch ein paar neue Bike-Parts 😄🎄🎅🏼💪🏼

  2. Wir haben die Möglichkeit in unserem Dorf einen kleinen park bauen zu lassen
    Kannst du mir n paar Tipps geben was wir bauen können
    LG deine Videos sind der Hammer

  3. Hi Lucas ich weiß nicht ob du das liest aber ich habe zu Weihnachten ein dirt JUMP Bike von Rose bekommen und aufgebaut aber es waren keine bedalen bei weiß du willst ich mich da jetzt melden soll

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