CyberLink PowerDVD 17 – Full Review and Tutorial [COMPLETE]

CyberLink PowerDVD 17 – Full Review and Tutorial [COMPLETE]

Hello followers, and welcome to this video! Let’s discover in a shorttime all the amazing features of the newest CyberLink PowerDVD 17!Leave us comments inside the video description to improve our freevideo guides!CyberLink PowerDVD is a professional media player with a cool and easyuser interface, which allows you watch videos and slideshows, and listento your favorite music. In this video we will see all the main featuresto start with PowerDVD for the first time. Indeed, we are also offeringan amazing giveaway for this software! Write a comment inside the videodescription below within the middle of June! The best comment will getthe chance to win a free copy of PowerDVD 17!When you open PowerDVD, a welcome screen opens, in order to start with a PC Mode or a TV Mode interface. The first one is more suitable for computers, whereas the second one is a full screen mode used for TVs. Let’s start with the PC Mode. This presents several sections on the left, the main interface, and the main Player at the bottom. Inside Media Library, you can quickly find and start watching videos, images and music. Choose Movies/TV to start watching online or offline videos. This is divided in different tabs above. Under Movie Info, you can get quickly and easily the most important news about what is coming soon in theaters, in cinemas, and what is coming in DVDs and Blu-rays, complete with trailers, plots, comments and suggested films. Also, you can check out the most popular, the most watched, and the top rated films and TV Shows from the CyberLink community. More below, you have a quick biography and filmography of the top celebrities at the moment. Under Movie Discs, you can start watching your favorite DVD or Blu-ray. Movie Library collects your own offline media from your computer. TV Shows collects all media under seasons. Double-click on one to open a season and start watching. Next to each media name, you have a small circle. If this is yellow, it means that the media is new; if it is halved, it means it has been partially watched; if it is completely dark, it means the media has been watched completely. Below Movies/TV, you also have other sections, that collect your own offline media. Choose Videos to browse for your own videos; Photos to check your images and pictures; and Music to listen to your favorite tracks. You can collect these according to the Artists, the Albums, or directly check the full detailed list under All songs. All the offline content available inside the Media Library is taken from your computer folders chosen and included inside PowerDVD. If you click on the plus button next to Media Library, you can check and edit all the folders to be linked to Movies/TV, inside the Movie Library, the TV Shows, the Videos and Photos sections, and the Music section. Use Add Folder to add and browse for your folder, and, to remove one, just click on the bin button on the right. When you add a new folder, PowerDVD will include it in the respective section as a media collection. Double-click to check its media, and use the left and the right arrows on top to shuffle between the several folders included inside PowerDVD. If you are looking for a media file, you can use the search bar on the right to find it inside PowerDVD, or use the My Computer section on the left to browse for it from your computer and hard drives. PowerDVD also connects to your CyberLink Cloud account, in order to directly find and pick your media stored online, up to 30 GB free! Through PowerDVD, you can also watch online videos from YouTube and Vimeo by going to Online Video on the right. Remember to sign in by clicking on the key icon. Inside PowerDVD, you can create Playlists to collect your most favorite media, such as the most recent ones and the top rated ones. You can also create your own customized playlist by clicking on New Playlist, deciding its name, and then dragging and dropping your media from your computer folder, or directly from PowerDVD. Let’s now see the outstanding playback experience that PowerDVD 17 offers. When you playback a video, the player will cover the whole interface, with several options at the bottom that you can use to play, pause, stop, or move from one chapter to another with Previous and Next Mark. You can mute or regulate the volume through the speaker icon, and even zoom in with the Zoom bar if you need. Also, more on the left, you can set up the audio language, the chapters, and primary and secondary subtitles if they are available. You can come back to the Disc menu, and watch videos in 3D or VR. Furthermore, PowerDVD enhances the appearance of your video with its unique TrueTheater. This feature improves the video with special adjustments and enhancements that make it even better than the original. You can choose between the Smart and the Advanced Enhancement, adjusting the video and the audio settings depending on what it looks like. You can check any difference by changing the Display mode. Also, on the far right, use Play to to playback the video on a connected device, and Full screen to playback in full screen mode. PowerDVD allows you to have full control of what to watch. If you click and drag and move the start and the end markers, you will select the part to watch. Or, through the second button from the left, you can go to Add Bookmark to save a particular video frame, and retrieve it easily. To stop watching a video, just click on the far left arrow. When you open it later, PowerDVD will start from the latest point watched. Also, you can regulate your preferences by going to the gear icon on the right, and then to Player Settings. When you open a picture this will present a Player at the bottom. When you click on the Play button, PowerDVD will start a slideshow by taking all the photos inside the current folder chosen, with cool effects depending on the settings under Slideshow Preferences. You can check the full list of photos and their order through Photo Thumbnails on the left. Additionally, you can rotate by 90 degrees the current picture by using the Rotate buttons below, or directly remove it through the bin button. On the far right, use Play to to share the slideshow to different devices and the Share button to share your picture on emails or social websites. When you play your favorite music, you still have the Volume bar, and also the Audio Equalizer, to apply audio filters to the output sound. All tracks are played in order, from top to bottom. Click on the Shuffle button to randomize the order. Use the Repeat button to repeat the current track or all the tracks. PowerDVD is also suitable for other media devices. For example, you can choose the TV Mode – from the welcome screen, or the TV icon in the top right corner – to get a full screen simplified interface, which may be the best for TVs or devices sharing your desktop. Or, you can use the Devices & Home Media section to discover PowerDVD Remote and Power Media Player. You can use PowerDVD Remote to turn your smartphone into a remote control through a dedicated App, in order to easily navigate through the PowerDVD interface. Power Media Player is an App that brings the outstanding playback experience of PowerDVD into your smart devices, that will also enable you to connect and share media with your PowerDVD main copy. Try it out!This is the world of CyberLink PowerDVD 17! Don’t forget to leave yourcomment inside the video description to get the chance to win a freecopy right now!

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  1. No problem understanding, very informative, I do a lot of you tube reviews and Atv videos. I definitely could use your PowerDVD 17

  2. I use PowerDVD 16 frequently and sure the added enhancements and features in Power DVD 17 will make this amazing media player even more user friendly and powerful.

  3. I have been using powerdvd for years and it is one of the best software I have ever used . The quality of pics and video is by far better than any similar programs out there

  4. Nice new features, such as High Dynamic Range conversion. Too bad the review didn't compare it to other products, such as WinDVD or high end blu-ray theater systems. comparing features, functions, benefits drawbacks and rating the product. Support for Linux/Mac may help the company.

  5. I've used Power Director 10-15 and can't wait to try all the new features in 17 🙂 … it would be nice if I could use the same subscription on different devices – does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

  6. Ok-so you are reviewing CyberLink PowerDVD 17 and you don't cover the options when using an actual DVD?! strange

  7. Dear followers and commenters,

    we are officially stopping organizing any contest or giveaway from any of our videos or YouTube platform. We are hard-working on our NEW WEBSITE for this new year! Make sure to follow us not to lose our future offers.

    No comments will be considered on any giveaway. All giveaways will be performed with our website once launched. Thank you

  8. Man Oh Man Let me tell you. I have tried virtually every player in the Cyber-World Community. VLC, Realplayer Plus Winamp, Joe Schmoe's Super Player Plus, you name it I have tried it. And I just got Nero Platinum and well…you guessed it not as advertized. However, when I downed this into my Cyber Kit…Holy Cow!!! Was I amazed! No Poop Man, I was clicking my frigging fingers off, with all the cool stuff this Program has, and I know that i barely touched the surface. I am a Disabled, Single, (but pleasing to the eye's) Grumpy 'ol Combat Veteran that well you guy's know. But Man, I am going to sorely hate it when my trial time is up because this is one bad ass Piece of workman! The Best that I have used. All I gotta say is all you comfortable sitting peep's should Definitely get this because it will Keep the Babe's Sitting on the Couch…(if ya know what I mean)…lol, lmao!!! As for me It was cool while it lasted and I was gonna get me one of those Virtual Glasses thing-a ma -bobs. Anywho Det this or try it, Once you do it's all over, but the crying. OooH Yeeeah Baby! Cool as PooP. POWERDVD 17 BABY!!!

  9. Super program. A ten Tutorial jeszcze lepszy. Właśnie ten film przekonał mnie do zakupu PowerDVD 17 Ultra.

  10. I'm just wondering if there's an improvement in the actual picture quality of blurays and H.264 HD video over PowerDVD15 and 16?

  11. So I bought a blueray player for my computer. I didn't realize Windows 10 would make it difficult to play any video. Especially blue ray. I tried various software's that were free and I also tried their free trial. I noticed the video quality was sacrificed to play the video.. It did not look like blue ray at all especially when I connected a regular blue ray player to the tv (had better video quality). Does CyberLink PowerDVD do the same or does video come out as it's supposed to? I'm not looking for all the features, I just want to put a blue ray movie in my computer and see it without looking like the video quality was sacrificed.

    Any feedback will be much appreciated!

  12. Well I did the software update from power dvd 14 to 17 my question is if I delete the older version would I loose all of my videos/photos stored on my older version? I noticed that when upgrading the older version stays so now I have practically 2 versions & my computer has slowed down allot because of it, I fear that if I delete the older version I would loose everything saved on it… what should I do?

  13. Had a real issue with stuttering BluRays. realized that i needed to Disable GeForce Overlay. That stopped the stuttering. What I don't understand is why the coloring looks so bad? Blacks and it looks grainy. I guess i need to play with truetheater some more.I hope that fixes the issue.

  14. So I just got Power DVD 17 and download it from the link provided but it says trial version and I cannot find were to enter my activation key and did a search for the info on cyberlinks website but couldn't find an answer, Do I just wait until the trial runs out then enter the key when the program asks

  15. it can play Files, it can play Movies. Yeah Blah Blah Blah.I want to know IF I can Burn MY own videos from a camera to a DVD+R?someone please let me know.

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