DVD Cases… To The Rescue?? (DVD Case Hacks) – Tati/ana

DVD Cases… To The Rescue?? (DVD Case Hacks) – Tati/ana

Now you see me,
Now you don’t… Really??
What’s up everybody? I’m Tatiana, and I’m here to talk to you
about these guys! What does one do with all these DVD cases?
If you’ve seen my previous videos, you know I love DVD sleeves,
but what does one do with all the cases after the fact?
Can ya sell them? I, mean, yea, sure.
I sold four or five on Ebay awhile ago, but I only cleared about 25 cents on each
of them. So, I feel like the hassle and payoff ratio
is a little wonky. And then these,
I would not feel comfortable charging money for.
This… this… No.
But it has come to my attention that the college season has come yet again.
And with it, money saving measures! Alrighty. So let’s see here.
Tuition… plus life expenses… divided by money… equals…
Let’s use some DVD cases! What a nice, clean desk.
Hmm… There’s just something missing…
I’m gonna take this beautiful picture of a map
that’s so beautiful. I, mean, look at it! It’s torn out of a book!
Can’t get any better than that! And look at this nice
straight cutting… Nice!
So, I’m just gonna stick it in the DVD cover Bam! Instant picture frame.
What to watch?! So many movies so little time!
Aha! Nurse Jackie! Today’s a Nurse Jackie day!
I’m just gonna take season one out… Oh wait! Wait… Nurse Jackie…
Nurse Jackie why you no come out! Why was this designed to hide my movies?!
Like look at this! Look at this! There’s at least five cases that were hidden
behind these wooden frame thingies! Ok.
This is a job for…. DVD cases!
I’m just gonna put them where those movies were as place holders.
And, oh my gosh, I can see them all! Bootiful!
Oh no! My ID card holder… it’s broken!
Aha! DVD case, ID, lanyard.
Now I’m gonna cut this shiny bit off the case. Bam!
Bam! I’m gonna measure this out.
The ID is about the size of the front cover Now, I’m gonna use the Scotch tape to hold
the ID card in place to make my life a whole lot easier.
And then Voila! It is stuck in the plastic.
I’m gonna trim it down I’m gonna cut the bottom of the sides
and then trim only the back bit so that I can fold the front half inward.
All nice and foldy! Now I’m gonna tape these newly created edges
down. You can use as much tape or as little tape
as you want here. I’m gonna snip off the top
Now I’m gonna remove the Scotch tape holding the card in
Now that that pesky tape is out, I’m gonna slide it back in.
You see it comes out really easily. Then to protect my tabletop,
I’m gonna take the discarded DVD case, the black bit,
and use a box cutter to cut the hole for the lanyard out of it.
Punch that sucker out and we got a hole! Next I took teeny, tiny, little pieces of
tape and taped over the corners of the holes I created.
That way if there’s stress or tension put on the ID card
it’s not gonna tear away from the lanyard. Super reinforced!
I’m gonna hook on my totally not High School Musical lanyard.
After hooked, the ID card is secure and will not fall out.
And to remove the ID card, just remove the lanyard.
And now we’re done! No one will ever know you made this yourself
At least from a distance. And for any of you with that crazy roommate
that decides to rummage through all your crap while you’re not there
Just grab a terrible movie which you may or may not have the disc for anymore
and put whatever tiny objects you can in the case.
Money, candy,
keys, whatever you can, that you think that roommate
will steal from you. And then put it on the shelf.
And no one will ever know. Shhhhh…
Alrighty time to get my game on! If you know anything else you can do with
DVD cases please let me know in the comments below.
The five things that I told you here are the only ones I could think of
so I would love to hear more! Even if you’re not a college student this
season, or this year…
or this decade… I hope you got something outta this video.
And if you enjoyed it or learned from it or got some morbid fascination from it
please be sure to “Like” and “Subscribe” that’s two “Like”s… you can’t do that

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  1. You can tape a bag into a DVD case with crayons and then put slices of paper under the flappy things on the inside and bam. its a colloring case for a small kid

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