Editing Tricks To Save You HOURS Of Time

Editing Tricks To Save You HOURS Of Time

– If you are someone
that hates video editing, and that’s one of the primary reasons why you’re not creating video
content of your business, I get you. As someone who edits five videos a week for different clients, I’m gonna share with you
some of my super simple editing tips and hacks so that you can start editing your videos in less than 30 minutes. (upbeat music) Hi, my name is Trena. And on this channel,
I help business owners build the confidence that they need to show up on video by
providing tips, tricks, and strategies on all
things video content. Today we’re talking about editing, and I know it’s a big pain point for so many of you. Now, before I show you the actual process that I go through, I wanna go through a couple
key pieces that you need to do before you even turn the
camera on to film your video. First, you need to have
a video plan or script before you shoot video. Now I get it, if you’re someone that says, “I don’t have the time to script “or scripting makes me feel less natural,” you still have that some type of plan, whether that’s bullet
points, to save you time. The thing is a majority
of your time spent editing is editing out that raw footage. And if you’re filming a video, sometimes that raw footage could be 20, 30, 40 minutes long because you’re constantly
trying to remember what to say, or maybe you go off on a tangent, or you forget what you’re saying. So, by having this plan or a script, it’s going to make your
time filming that video go a lot quicker, so that raw footage isn’t so long. So, then when it comes time
to edit that raw footage, you’re not going through
40 minutes long of a video. You’re going through a very succinct video where you are saying
exactly what you need to say in less amount of time. Let me know down in the
comments if that’s making sense, like actually taking
less time to film a video will save you time editing. Light bulb moment. It’s also gonna be really critical for you if you’re creating
videos for your business to take that viewer through
basically a customer journey. You wanna make sure the
time you’re spending getting ready to film your video, planning your scripts,
filming it, and editing actually pays off, and you get a return on
investment in that video. And the only way that’s going to happen is if you follow a specific format that gets people to
watch your video longer. Because odds are you’re not asking at the beginning of the video to get on your email
list or to work with you, you’re sprinkling that
throughout the video and having a strong call
to action in the video. So you need to make sure
get them to that point. So, to do that, you really
need to open your video with a strong hook, a strong reason why they
need to keep watching. Now I know this video is about editing, but you need to understand
the basics of a video to save time filling
it, save time editing it to get down to the
nitty gritty of editing. Okay. So, I just kinda wanna go
through these pieces first, so that you understand how important it is to have the script or
have this video planned before you actually start recording. Okay, now you have your plan of attack. I’ve got one more little
secret for you to do before we jump into the actual editing and that’s delivering
your content on video. I know it can be very tempting to sit down and try to bang
out this video in one take so you can minimize your editing. There’s two reasons why
this isn’t going to work. The first reason why is people
like jump cuts in videos. It does make the video seem to go faster. And when I say jump
cuts, I mean like this. You see how we just cut out where I pause. You wanna add those edits in to make seem like your video is actually going a faster
pace than what it normally is. Because as humans, we have
such a small attention span, and you’ve gotta keep their
attention as much as possible. These jump cuts do that. The second reason why don’t wanna try to film this entire thing at once is because you need to take
the stress off of yourself on trying to memorize a script. So here’s what you should do instead. For me right now, I have
my script on my computer right beside me. Now the reason I’m not needing to read it from a teleprompter or memorize it is because I have my script and I’m just reading a
couple lines at a time. Then, I take a pause, so that I’m still looking at the camera. Then look at my script over here to remember my next couple lines. I’m talking like two or
three sentences at a time. Look at the camera, pause, delivery that couple of sentences, pause, and look back over here. Now the reason why you have got to pause is because it’s gonna make
editing a lot quicker. So, you don’t want to be wrapping up the sentence that you’re saying and finish it as you look over this way, because your audience is gonna wonder why is she looking over there. So you just wanna completely
finish your thought before you turn away form the camera. Again, it makes it a lot easier if you’re just remembering small chunks of your video at a time, and then it makes it a lot easier to add in these jump cuts to make your video seem
to go a lot quicker. And it makes your editing
go so much faster. I got started with
iMovie because it’s free on all Apple products, and it’s one of the most
accessible ones for Mac users, which is what I am. If you are a PC user, Adobe
has some great options, and I’ve also heard Camtasia for PC users is also great as well. I now use Final Cut Pro. So let me shot you what I
do to make editing quick. So, I use Final Cut
for most of my editing. iMovie works just as well, too, and you can do the same
things in iMovie, too. So, I’m gonna show you what I do. The first thing I do
is I set up a template, and you’re gonna see this is my template when I was editing my video. So you’ll see this little clip, this transition, text, all of this. That was my video intro,
when I was creating intro. So, it looked like this. And then I would put
the title of the video in that little title slide. You’ll also see that this file
is no longer here right now, but you can see how I’m
creating this template. So, here is my call out text, so it pops out just like that. And then here is my
Instagram call out as well. And I’m showing you these because this is what’s gonna
take you the bulk of your time when you’re creating a
template for your videos, but this is the first step
that you’re going to do. So those are some of mine. Let me show you some of the clients that I’ve done as well. So, for example, here is Becca
from the Happy Ever Crafter. You’ll see there is her
call out text of her name. We also have all of her call
out text to look similar. So you’ll see right here that
call out text that pops out, it’s the same for all of these. And you’ll also see that I have these texts built out as well. So again, this is a graphic text, and we have it already
set to her font over here, and the color she wants as well. So you can start to see how you can build out these templates
with your first video. Then, what you can do here,
instead of having the name here, you could put template. All right. And then once you save that, the next time you upload a new video, so let’s say I upload a new video. So we’re going to File, New, Project, Test Video. And let’s just pull in a
clip that I have from my camera card. We’ll just put in a quick
three-minute clip here. All right, now you have this video clip. All you have to do is
click this arrow back here. Come back to the name
call out that you have. Click on it. I’m just doing Command + C, or you can make sure it’s highlighted. Come up here to Edit and Copy. Then you wanna go back to
your man video and go ahead. You can do Edit, Paste, or you can do Command + V. Now you have your call out text. Let’s say that now you need
to add in some graphics. So let’s go ahead and copy
that and go back here. Paste. All I need to do now is come in here and change text. All right. Now let’s say I need to
pull out that branded intro that I already created. So let’s go back to that
first video of mine here. We’ll just go ahead and copy all of this. This is all part of it. Make sure it’s all highlighted in yellow. I’m hitting Command +
C as in cat for copy. I’m gonna come back here, and let’s say the branded
intro goes right here. I’m gonna hit Command +
B to put a split there, and then Command + V to paste it. Now, this is what it’s gonna look like, and that literally took me two minutes, and all we need to do here is to change the text of this. Just come up here and change text, and then you can move
this to the left or right. You can move this up a bit, so that it all fits in there. And that’ show you can easily start creating templates for your videos to make it go a lot faster. Now, some of my favorite places to buy these animated
text graphics that you saw are right here. So, this is LenoFX. And you can come here and see all the different ones that they have. They even have Instagram Story templates. I think I have this kinetic typography. So, for example, if you click
on this Instagram Stories, you’re going to see what they look like. It shows you how this is gonna look like on your Final Cut Pro if you use it. It also gives you tutorials
on how to change things to make it look good. You can come down here. It’s going to tell you
what it is capable with and all the features that you get. I also like Pixel Film Studio as well. Again, you can come down here and check out the difference
ones that they have. So let’s just say, for example, we clicked on this Brush Glow, and then you can see what
these look like, too, to see if you want to use
them in your Final Cut. And again, this will tell
you exactly what you need to use that. And other thing that I always suggest is having a B-roll library so you that you can easily
spice up your videos without having to constantly recreate the same thing over and over. You’ll see that I have this folder inside of Google Drive
that easy accessible for things that I use frequently. So, for example, if I’m
talking about in my video how I work with my calendar or working on my computer, I could easily this multiple
times in multiple videos just to make my video more engaging. Then once you have your video edited, all you need to do to amplify this reach is just to create clips of it or to grab this entire video and create your templated graphics for Facebook, Pinterest. For example, I will grab a video and template it for Facebook and upload this particular
video to Facebook, since it’s formatted for Facebook. Or, you could also use this video and create Instagram
Story, 15-second clips, or even use it to create a
Pinterest graphic as well. Now, if you wanna learn how you can make all of these different
clips for your videos, make sure you grab my
video multiplier roadmap to see how I take one video and multiply it into 10 pieces of content. This roadmap also gives you the exact dimensions that you need to create these videos, whether you’re using Keynote,
Final Cut Pro, PowerPoint. You can get that by going
to TrenaLittle.com/VMF for Video Multiplier Formula. Just lick on this button right here, and I will send it on over to you. Since that only took me
about 30 minutes to edit, I can now maximize my
reach with this video by repurposing it on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram,
my blog, my newsletter. Again, that link is going to be on your description box and
on your screen right now. And if you wanna see how I
then take all of these videos and schedule them in
an editorial calendar, so that I have my content
done for an entire month, make sure you watch that video. That’s on your screen right now, and I’ll see you over there.

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  1. I really like your content, but I'm experiencing "Jump Cut Fatigue" and find myself needing to stop watching. So, I think there's a limit where jump cuts go from helping to hurting. Thx!

  2. very cool! loved this video- and I agree once i started filming it made editing WAY easier! Plus I pretty much have my blog post all ready to go from the script too – helps with repurposing

  3. My problem is the trimming of my videos. It takes a while for my computer to load and give me ability to edit. Then, I have 25-50 small clips to string together.

  4. Yes it's true, having bullet points mapped out ahead of time cuts out editing time! Also the message is more to the point when done in this way. This is good advice for public speaking as well.

  5. I use Lightworks. The nomenclature is different but the idea are the same whatever application you're using. I quickly realized that having my standard items pre-made where I can just drop them into my videos GREATLY reduced my time.

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