100 thoughts on “George Michael – A Different Story (DVD)”

  1. A voice like an angel, a sensitive character who made me feel something deep inside with every single song. I was heartbroken when I learned about his too early death. You‘ll we be in my heart forever. ❤️

  2. Loved this thank you daniela ❤ we were blessed the likes of George Michael will never come again, I'm an athiest but i do believe there is an afterlife it's a nice thought to think George will be reunited with those he loved the most.

  3. Loved the guy as a singer but did not like his homosexual tendencies. Hopefully, in the next life, you'll be straight!

  4. "Jesus to a child" one of the MOST beautiful songs ever…!!! Pure talent & the voice……our loss…

  5. What a sweet man! I saw him on the tonight show some years back and he was trying to clear up a mishap regarding his arrest. I felt really sorry for him because he didn’t do anything wrong and the police and the media were making him sound like he was a pervert. God bless the man!! It was a police officer that actually did something to him and it wasn’t the other way around. George did get off of that and went on with his career but it was just something horrible he had to go through that he didn’t do..

  6. George was my first love from the moment I seen him on Top Of the Pops-I loved him madly.
    R.I.P George-you'll always have a place in my heart x

  7. I’m an American and I believe our president at first and thought that Iraq had somehow moved the weapons out of the country, and maybe Syria. But when we went in there and didn’t find anything, I was furious at our president and he handled the whole war horribly. He said he wanted to be viewed as a liberator and not an occupier but there is no way that you can do that to any country and especially one in the Middle East. They were far too violent and the Americans went in by Bush’s orders in March 2003 and then the end of the year he pulled out 2/3 to 3/4 of the military and left the rest to hold the area. Our president had been in office almost 3 years and he was not in the military other than the National Guard, & Thus George W. Bush had the worst rules of engagement according to any kind of war I’ve ever seen from a president in my life. His father did the right thing and 1990 when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq. George HW Bush sent the American troops over there to blow Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and back to Iraq. That’s all he did and he had very good reasoning for it. He told his son that he could not expect to go into an extremely hostile land and invade that country without a possible pleasant peaceful exit strategy. Bush Senior was correct! I agree with George Michael 100%. I really really do and I don’t know why we were invited on September 11, 2001, BUT If it had anything to do with greedy capitalistic Americans, they should aim somewhere else the next time. The people that they hurt we’re just in the middle or upper middle class people.

  8. I could not stop watching this. This was the most profound documentary that I ever watched. He did any song justice that he sang. Such a talent that will never be forgotten. Glad I stumbled across this. I came to find out that not only was he a Great entertainer, but also a wonderful human being.

  9. George Michael was loved oll over the world.. for his music and his work he did for charity.. he did soo much. But now one can sing like George Michael.the king.. never ever for get my sexy George Michael..👑😎🕺🌹🌹🌹🌹🦋⚘

  10. glad I watched this, George was a good guy, I didn't realize he spoke out about war and 911; I also didn't realize the media and the tribe tried to destroy him after he spoke out; Good job George. I always liked your music, especially your 80's stuff.

  11. The absolute biggest talent in decades no contest in my humble opinion. What I'm always astonished about George Michael is that every single cover he does he absolutely and completely owns it, such is his phenomenal talent. When I take my next holiday I'm going to completely immerse myself in his music, for my own grief for my own love for my own sanity and spiritually and I would highly recommend you all do the same. Rest in peace Gorgeous man X

  12. You are the one and only‼️
    Worlds best singer ever❤️👑❤️
    Thank you for all your fantastic songs and your beautiful voice🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. He was a top man and handled his life extremely well under the circumstances, then you look at that freak boy George and think what a bellend

  14. George was and always will be one of a kind. Astoundingly beautiful voice and person with a great sense of humour, infectious personality and honesty. You are soo greatly missed and always will be George ❤️😥 Rest in peace

  15. Good times…when the fans could go crazy for all these great bands from the 80's. Great to see them fighting to reach number one. Each one of them had a style.

  16. I was very disappointed to hear Boy George say he did not have a sense of humour..we all find very different things funny!!!! Bitchy!!!

  17. I'm a big fan of Heavy Rock Metal music, but I also have the Faith Gorge Michael LP. Faith is one of my favorite records in my collection. I was 12 years old when the Faith album came out and, had many good memories with it. R.I.P Gorge Michael

  18. the country singer who was on one of those talent shows, scotty, looks like a young version of George's manager.Anyway, I was so so so so disappointed when I found out he was gay.

  19. George was so captivating. Even watching this video, I found myself entranced. What a gem he was! RIP to this precious icon.

  20. who didn't know he was gay? I knew he was gay back in the 80's and I was a little kid. So did he REALLY 'come out" with the bathroom scandal?
    Anywhoo, he is one of my favorite artists of all time and I was sick when he died

  21. I Wish I Could Understand, ❤️💔💔💔But Because Of My Christian up bringing , I Have Never Understood 💔💔💔Please Forgive me , ButI,…I Do not Understand ,….Just Like You,…Don’t Understand❤️💔💔💔….Someday 🙏❤️💔❗️We Will🙏❤️

  22. Please Let Every Child Be Who They Are, Never try to Make Them Be Who They Are Not, Straight ❗️❗️❗️Gay, Bisexual, Etc…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Sex, Is Different for Every One 🙏, But,… It Says God Wants a Man And Woman To “Fill the Earth” with “Children” SO,….WHAT IS SEX FOR????
    You tell me???

  24. I still grieve for him. A talent who was so generous and wore his heart on his sleeve, and sadly paid the price. Unforgettable – RIP.

  25. I don't think most people even a lot of fans really know how great this guy was! Great because of when it matters not where you race, color, or creed, you become tuned to every note hat comes from your mouth were locked…….. 98% of his songs had a meaning for being, so in 2019 I'm still listening like each song is still new.

  26. Salt of the earth!!! Now a pure angel in heaven, showing all the other angels how to sing !! A humble and at times a confused man – RIP. xx

  27. I've said this a million times and it's still not enough. George Michael was one of the greatest singers of our generation and truly one of the good guys. I really really wish he was still with us. What an awful shame he's gone.

  28. Kiaora thanks for posting,,,much,Much Aroha…
    Solokat,,,AotearoaNz…Swish….PS,, what a personality What a Sense of humour…

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