Hector reveals why Roy and Lilina can’t be together

Hector reveals why Roy and Lilina can’t be together

This is Roy. Roy is our boy. But he isn’t my boy, In fact I fucking hate him. He is a faggot. This is Eliwood. He made Roy He made a mistake He’s a bastard. He’s my best friend and didn’t show up when I needed him most. When I was fighting dragons, he was nowhere. Faggot didn’t come himself, and sent his ugly son instead… which gave me a stroke and I died. These are Roy’s potential mothers. Eliwood had the choice to choose between an autistic half-dragon, some dank commander pussy, or Lyn. This is Lilina, my daughter. She is my heart and soul, and I will be damned to give her to some faggot cunt named Roy. This is me, Hector. I died. I fought dragons by myself, and Eliwood never came. Faggot. Asshole. I almost broke out of the dungeon myself, and then I saw Roy. I instantly died cause I saw his face up close. These are my wai-vies Expensive puss, Lyn, and scaredy cat. Now, why am I telling you this? I have a secret, and I died before I could say it. but I was brought to Fire Emblem Heroes, and now I can speak out. Roy’s mother is Fiora, and Lilina’s mother is not Lyn. I fucking forgot, I was drunk. Anyway, dat means Roy and Lilina are related by blood and dat’s fucking gross. How are they related by blood? Because these three girls are sisters, and that makes Roy Lilina’s cousin. Fuck you, Roy, you gay cunt. GG too easy don’t touch my daughter.

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  1. Isn't roy's canon mother ninian while lilina's canon mother is florina? I know lilina's mother is florina because in the epilogue of blazing sword, little lilina was shy when was introduced to roy. Hector then said that she was just like hee mother, florina who was also shy. For roy, i assume that because he could wield the sealed sword, he have magical power which was passed down by dragons…..

  2. It was prove that eliwood's wife is ninian…look at the support conversation of marcus and lilina in fe binding sword you will know that eliwood wife is ninian….and thats the proof…

  3. Yeah, I married Azura in my Fates Revelations playthrough? Roy x Lilina isn't that bad, you'll get over it Hector

  4. Eliwood didn't come to save you cause he's an old crap. Atleast at your age you still fought dragons.. i mean where's his triggered bastardious durandal heavy sword shit thing.

  5. well… if you REALLY played the game… you should already know that Lord Eliwood at that time was suffering from an illness… therefore he is incapable or enable to fight… going into battles with a terrible health is the dumbest… i repeat The DUMBEST strategy EVER… if YOU can't understand that then you're the MOST IDIOT and STUPIDEST person in the whole universe…

  6. Roy can marry 5 girls other than your daughter Hector. And 3 MORE than you.
    In fact these are Roy's potential wives :

    1. Autistic Half-Dragon (Sophia)
    2. Dancer T H O T (Lalum)
    3. Hot General-Teacher (Cecilia)
    4. Horsey She-Hippie (Sue)
    5. Air Head (Thany)
    6. 20% skill (Lilina)

    Jokes on you.

  7. How are you going to hate on eliwood because he was sick and also hector you are one to talk because you needed help in the first place. GG 2 e-z dont bash our boi(roi)

  8. I love Roy with all my heart, he's my favorite character but i love to see how people bullies him

    (Sorry for my bad English)

  9. I'm sorry, Hector. Could you please run all that by me again? But try not to scream in agonizing pain.


  10. You know this has nothing to do with the video…but If Rance were in konosuba…That anime would be a lot more…"classy"

  11. Friendly reminder that CorrinxAzura is an abomination set to burn in Hell for all time.

    Also, what if Lilina is NOT related to Roy?

  12. Actually hate to say it but in the medieval times fire emblem tends to be set in there was nothing wrong with marrying your cousin it was actually quite common

  13. in actuality tho,the only incest that is "forbidden" is that the "direct one", literally if you share a relatives that is directly in your family trees,for example your f/mother, brothers/sisters,half brother/sisters (same mother/father, different the opposite),or the one that has different generation than you but directly related to your direct relatives (uncles/aunt,coz they're your parents direct relatives), grandparents,and so forth,your cousins is in the same generation as you,but they're not your direct relatives,so azuraxcorrin is okay,arvisxjulia Ephraimxeirika,and ofc seliphxjulia is fucked up tho

  14. Or that Roy is related to Lilina because yaoi magic happened between Hector and Eliwood ᕕ ( ᐛ ) ᕗ
    Elihec or Heceli forever

  15. I don't know how to react to this it's funny but then again Roy is my favorite FE character and I got triggered…..*long silence*Ima like and save it =D

  16. Fool, this is another reason to ship them. And since FEH allows us to pick any units for Ally Support I'm gonna marry them just like I did to Alfonse and Sharena

  17. the funny thing is, with the Era this was based in, most nobles didn't give a shit if cousins married (infact, to them it was a good thing because bloodline purity bullshit). hell, they didn't even know what the fuck happens with inbreds.

    also, Roy's mother is proooobably Ninian, going based off of how much the damn game ships the two

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