How to Boot from USB if not supported by BIOS

How to Boot from USB if not supported by BIOS

Today we will have a look
at some of the ways to boot from USB, even if
your computer does not support it. Stay tuned! If you can boot into Windows,
download “EasyBCD” software Once installed, run it and click on
“Add New Entry” Click on “Bios Extender” Make sure that the drive “C:” or the
drive where the Windows is installed, is selected. Click on “Install Plop” Restart your computer. You should
see a custom boot manager with an option to boot from USB. If you can’t boot into Windows, but
your computer has a CD-ROM Use another computer to download
“Plop Linux” LiveCD Once downloaded, Burn It! I mean, record it! Boot from that CD.
Under “Plop Boot Manager”, you will find an option to boot
from USB If your computer does not boot into Windows
and you don’t have a CD-ROM Take out the hard drive and connect it to
another computer using USB caddy Run “EasyBCD” Under “BCD Deployment”, select the
hard drive you just connected and click on “Install BCD” Click “Yes” Go to “Bios Extender” and before you do
anything, double check that the right drive is selected. Now install “Plop” on the
connected hard drive. Now you can put it back and
you should be able to boot from USB.

46 thoughts on “How to Boot from USB if not supported by BIOS”

  1. Hi

    …. I hope this will work for me, because my bios have a password and I don't know what the password is. haa it has a password on bios and didn't know who put it. Already have a password on bios since I got my netbook. sorry for my english😁🌹

  2. not working 2019.
    did as you told (third choice) but the computer keeps restarting all the time.. (disk is shown on the bios at the begining)

  3. Lol, I love you, I tried to format an old Laptop and ended up breaking it. Thank to this I fixed it

  4. none of it works for me, infact easy bcd wont even install, and this is a windows 10 laptop from 2018 man!

  5. Thank you so much, I spent all day trying to convert my pc over to linux with no avail. I had no BIOS or UEFI with my windows 8.1 and this worked like a charm. You saved me from giving up

  6. Hi mate, got an old pc with the Phoenix award workstation bios v6.00pg won't allow me to install windows 10 1903, due it won't recognize the bootable USB. Any idea how to set up the bios? Thanks a lot appreciate. Regards

  7. won't let me click on Install PLoP, it's somehow disabled. AARHHHH I need to solve this once and for all. I have a deadline and my computer is just useless now

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