How to Make a Mountain Lion Install Drive or DVD

How to Make a Mountain Lion Install Drive or DVD

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here
with a tutorial on how to make an OS 10.8 Mountain Lion install
drive or DVD. This can be helpful for several reasons, you
might have multiple Macs to upgrade or want a quick way to install
Mountain Lion without having to download the entire OS.
Apple will most likely make a 10.8 restore drive however why spend
$70 or more when you can make one yourself? First step is to buy
Mountain Lion in the App Store. If you’ve already got Mountain
Lion on your Apple account you can go over to the Purchased tab
and download it from here. Once it’s downloaded the installer
will automatically pop up. Instead of running it, just close it. Open
up your Applications folder and find the Mountain Lion installer.
Right click it and select Show Package Contents. Then go into
Contents and finally Shared Support. You should see InstallESD.dmg
here. Now open up Disk Utility. Grab the .dmg and drag it into
the sidebar. Now you can either make a disk or a USB drive. If
you want to create a restore DVD all you need to do is select the
.dmg and click Burn. On the other hand if you’re wanting to install
it on a USB drive you have a couple of options. This will work
on any USB drive that has at least 5GB of storage free however you
can do it a couple different ways. I’ll be using a SanDisk
Extreme USB 3.0 drive for this tutorial and I do recommend that
if you have a newer Mac with USB 3 to use a drive like this as it’s
much faster. Once you’ve plugged your USB drive into
your Mac we’re ready to go. If you only want to use this
drive for Mountain Lion you can skip ahead but if you’d like to
also put other data on the drive you’ll need to partition it. Select
your drive and navigate to the Partition tab. Select two partitions
then choose Mac OS Extended Journaled for the format and name
it whatever you like. Then select 5GB as the partition size. For
the other partition you can format this however you like but keep
in mind that any data you have on it will be erased now. Once you’re
all set hit apply and give it a minute. Now let’s finish up. Click
on the Mountain Lion .dmg and click Open to mount it. A window
will open but just close that. Now select the partition on your USB
drive and drag the Mac OS X Install over to the destination. Then
click Restore and then Erase. Depending on your drive this could
take quite a while but once it’s done you’re good to go! Now
any time you want to install OS X simply insert the drive or disk into
your Mac and hold Option while booting. You should see your recovery
partition show up, select it and then install Mountain Lion!
Anyway guys if you enjoyed this tutorial definitely be sure to leave
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  1. @bouvanrooij123 Please tell me exactly how did he do that and how are you succesful? Your channel is crap, I went as far as to report it for copyright.

  2. Yeah .. thanks … look .. i have a macbook air 2012 … and i have that free but my mail is empty 🙁 the code not has come …

    Ojalá entiendas mi ingles ….

    do Your code have come ???

  3. Yet ANOTHER high quality, easy to understand, and amazingly made video. Austin, I mean it when I say this, you are my favorite video maker on all of YouTube. Please, never stop making videos like this.

  4. nice video Austin but do you have any time of making a review for the thumb drive. And since im currently trying to find a new thumb drive cause my other one broke what do you think are decent companies for a usb and would you recommend the sandisk brand or just the extreme in that brand. Thanks for the reply

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  6. In all fairness if I wanted to save 70 bucks or more I'd just build my own machine and not install an Apple OS xD

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  8. nice video ! great help.
    man i'm really enjoying and fan of your voice and accent. keep your famous lines " hey guys this is Austin " i like that man!

    yo man in behalf of all your followers can you do us a favor?
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  9. Will this work as an install drive if you're building your own gaming computer as a partition alongside windows, for example?

  10. I have a problem … an error comes up in installing ( recovery file or disk cant be created ) , how can I install it help :"(

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  12. just a question about DVD… i tried with a 4,7 GB DVD, but the sistem told me that there 're no much space to burn… can u help me?

  13. i solve the problem.. you mast use a DVD-DL it's a double layer DVD bigger than the simple one.. use this so u can burn the file by utility disco

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  18. What happens when you try to install it on a mac that isn't authorized (ie. didn't buy)? Also, if someone I know does pay for it, cancels the download, and instead uses my .dmg file for the sake of saving time, would that work?

  19. I dont see why everyone hates on him. His videos are very informative and professional looking. He gets right to the point, who cares if his voice is slightly mono-tone, that doesn't matter.

  20. Do you know how to make Mountain Lion reappear as an app (or really or really anyway so that I can click and do stuff with it) so then I can do wat you have said in the tutorial?

  21. Do you already have Mountain Lion installed? In that case you'll need to download it again, once ML is on your computer the installer is deleted.

  22. Yeah, I've already installed Mountain Lion. I was afraid I would have to re-download the installer. Thanks though!

  23. when I reboot my mac, the mountain lion installer doesn't show up…Anyone have any ideas? Is this happening as the external drive Im using is powered? maybe my mac doesn't register it while booting up?

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  27. hi folks please help me as I just have bought macbook pro i7 (used) with OS X ML installed original and want to reformat it (to just clean old data) just like win7 and erased Macintosh HD from disk utility and went to "re install OS X" utility but it gives me to use apple ID and says i didn't purchase this OS with this ID is there any way-out to get my OS back????? 🙁

  28. u will need a duel layer disk to burn Mac OS X Mountain Lion u will also need a duel layer disk for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 and for 10.6 Snow Leopard but for Mac OS X lion 10.7 u will only need a single layer disk for since its only 3 gbs at least.

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  34. These instructions are way simpler: /watch?v=plnSJrUGEyw

    And no, it's some trick link. The partitioning like that is completely unnecessary.

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