I Share My Home With 1000 Cats | BEASTLY

I Share My Home With 1000 Cats | BEASTLY

Lynea: We have approximately 700 adult cats, and 350 kittens here. Yeah, that’s a lot of cat. Our monthly expenses are about $100,000. I sold my Mercedes and I sold my Cadillac, everything I could sell in order to keep it going. Deanna: They get like right under your feet, and like you know, we’re almost like tripping, or we’ve had to come to move out of the way. Because there’s so many cats. Herlinda: There’s so much work, so we have to get this first done, and then we can go and start working on the rest of the cleaning, and taking care of the cats. So we could be open to the public at one o’clock. Those two go in to the garage. Lynea: The Cat House on the Kings is probably one of the world’s largest sanctuaries, which is a no-cage no-kill habitat, for domestic felines, and probably the largest, you know, possibly in the world. We have approximately 700 adults, and 350 kittens here, plus another 50 or so in foster care. Yeah, that’s a lot of cats. In the last 27 years, we have rescued, about 38,000 cats. Lynea: Come on, babies. The kittens come from, all over. The kittens are found in the middle of the road. They’re found with their eyes gone, you know from infection. We quarantine new arrivals for at least 30 days to make sure that they’re healthy and have adjusted. Lynea: Look up there, can you see that? way up there. You see the cat? That cat lives up there every day all day. It only comes down, when the humans leave. I’d say at least 50% of the kittens, are sick when they come. If they are sick with the herpes virus, which these guys have, then it is for life. They’re never going to get over it, they’re always going to have a running nose and running eyes. And they’re very difficult to adopt, because nobody wants a kitten or cat sneezes, and leaves mucus all over your house. So these guys are always going to have it, they’re never going to get over it. We can keep them healthy, but we have to treat them regularly. Martin: In here, it’s like mostly chronic cats, which are like they’re sick and they need to be medicated. I think some of them are like contagious, which is why they stay in there and they can’t like interact with other cats. And then their food has to be separated also, so the other cats don’t get sick. Lynea: When I was a child, my mom wouldn’t let me have a cat. I think that’s what began my obsession. Our monthly expenses are about $100,000. For the first seven years, I was out of my own pocket. Not only did I spend my retirement, but I sold my Mercedes, and I sold my Cadillac, and I sold my diamond ring, and I sold everything I could sell, in order to keep it going. After seven years, we became a nonprofit, and now we receive donations from all over. Where we live, the city of Fresno is the highest kill rate in the United States. The county shelters in all the cities around in Fresno County, don’t take cats. So there’s, there’s got to be close to 200,000 on the streets. Killing all the unwanted animals, is it makes us a third world country. It boggles my mind, that here in Fresno we choose to kill them, rather than go the no-kill route. And if I stop now then I would feel that my job wasn’t complete. And I don’t think it’ll be complete until we become a no kill nation. No-kill at least a no kill area here. This is my life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, 27 years. Come on baby kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. This is the leukemia ward. It has a four foot, kind of like a moat, all the way around it. And that is to make sure that there is no interaction at all between these cats and those cats. Because leukemia can be passed by as little as a sneeze, or sharing a food dish or something. So we have to protect all the other cats from them. Frank: So now we’ll be feeding the wildcats. So this is boneless raw chicken, breast. And this is a kind of hamburger meat, with some boneless wings there. bone wings and some cat food there. She’s on a special diet because they like to eat raw stuff. So this, this is where they will be at over here. So they’re usually hiding. They’re mostly nocturnal cats come out at night mostly. That’s Mandy right there by the rocks, she kind of blends in, with the rocks here. That’s Mandy. Their food here. Put these on the ground. We take the old plates so they can wash them We open the door and then… They’ll come in once we’re out of here, come in and … and eat. Lynea: Oh here’s Floyd. This is one of my cats. Come here Floyd. Lynea: Come here About seven years ago, I still lived at the big house. It had a 12 foot walk in closet, a six foot sunken tub, a built in fireplace, a back deck to the river. And it ended up with so many animals, that I … I couldn’t… there was no room for me. So I moved, and I thought I’ll just make this my cat free zone, which lasted about six months. Here’s my other cat. Daphne. So that’s my second cat. And it’s a Bobtail. My dad wanted me to get a minx when I started this, and this is my token minx right there. Nikki: Okay, okay. Nikki:You’re so good. Nikki: You know you tend to get favourites, like one of mine besides her is I call him skinny cat. He’s my little guy right there. Like say if he got adopted, I’d be a little sad but it is, it is a good thing for them because
you know they’re going to a good home, as well as you know, they’re going to be treated right. Lynea: This is …
my favourite spot here. And we call it the benches. kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. This is to me, cat paradise. We often call our facility, cat heaven and dog disneyland. Because it’s got the best, for everything. The cats are in heaven, and the dogs get to play like they’re kids. Anybody can stay down here. We don’t tell the cats where to live. You’ve got the trees, you’ve got the water, I mean, there’s fish, there’s birds, there’s rodents there, and there’s very few people. So, if you’re an antisocial cat, this would be perfect. If I were a cat, I would think that this would be perfect.

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  1. In Japan they have cat cafes where they charge $6 for a half hour of letting people pet them. Maybe she could raise money that way to support her cat shelter.

  2. This lady deserves our best wishes for a healthy life so that she can look after these lovely creatures. HATS OFF FOR YOUR UNFLINCHING LOVE AND SUPPORT TO THEM. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. I am from Indonesia.. I rescued 5 cats…I saw your video..it's very amaze me..I feel so proud of you.. thanks to you…I am so happy to see it…God bless you all ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜

  4. With all that money they could help homless people and people in need i understand the love for animals but spending all those resources on them is too much the state should make something like that where the cats could be cared for in various ways because this overpopulation is getting or will soon get out of control

  5. Congratulations ladies…caring for cats will benefit you in case you're in big trouble….for example if you're in a crash vehicle/plane etc..you will be the saviour among others…this is often happened..

  6. What a sweet, wonderful woman. Not many people would ever put their money where their mouth is the way she has. Thanks for doing what others can't or won't (that goes for those working there as well).

  7. Why the heck is it humans fault that cats reproduce like crazy and aren't able to sustain themselves? This lady needs therapy.

  8. I think California wants to be rat infested. Especially now if you go to LA where all the homeless live. Theyโ€™ve been screwed out of their homes and out of any chance of possibly ever having any kind of a normal life again. Itโ€™s like watching the black plague trying come back. And I still canโ€™t believe they had people convinced cats were reincarnated witches, but had them also believe reincarnation didnโ€™t exist. Completely 100% instigated retardation.

  9. I hope you can get financial assistance from the government for this initiative. I believe this project is worth it.

  10. Oh my gawd I love you! This is what I want to do if I ever win the lottery. And you will be getting a donation from me if that happens!

  11. That is surely a cat paradise!!! So many cats!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ˜บ
    The thing that impressed me more, was the wild ones.. And the thing that made me sad was the sick ones.. ๐Ÿ˜ž

  12. That's nuts. At one point, you gotta say enough is enough. I think about the hungry children that could be fed. I don't want a cat that comes from a shelter that huge. Nasty. A few days are fine but this? I bet it stinks like cat urine!

  13. Itโ€™s a cat sanctuary not some women who has them as โ€œpetsโ€

    The video title made me think otherwise.

  14. This woman is a selfless angel. Thank God for people like this who make the world a better place to be. Her dedication and love for these animals show there is hope for the human race.

  15. Thank You so much dearest ๐ŸŒน
    Youโ€™re such an inspiration ๐Ÿฅฐ
    Be Blissful Eternally ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŒˆ

  16. They must change the litter box every 30 seconds.

    Also, moonthly expenses $100,000/month wth… how can they even afford that?

    02:25 cats can catch Herpies!? @[email protected]

    04:44 cats can catch Leukemia!?

  17. $100,000/month for expenses??? You spend $1.2 million a year on cats for 7 years and you say that was your retirement? What did you do for a living, win lotteries?


  19. No doubt sheโ€™s amazing, she will go straight to heaven.!!! โค๏ธBut I must say thereโ€™s no way she spends 100 thousand dollars a month…. She said she had to sell her Benz to afford it. She sold everything and receives donations… if thatโ€™s true …100 thousand dollar worth of donations per month .. damn.. God bless her


  21. I'm glad to see a good environment. Most people that have a lot of cats don't take care of them selves. You take this woman s cats she would die.

  22. I have 7, and when you walk through the house, it feels like i have this many. lol Walk slow, or you're being tripped.

  23. You hear about stories of cat hoarding and they are usually found with the cats eating them when they die but I think these cats would build a shrine around this woman sheโ€™s awesome

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