Ladies, the DVD Trick to Get BIGGER Breasts

okay ladies to make your breasts look
bigger naturally you’re gonna take two DVD box sets and then this is very important
you’re gonna grab them with your palm of your hands like this without your
fingers touching the DVD and then you’re simply just gonna press them up and down
at a slow to moderate pace like this now at this point you should feel it working
your chest muscles but for most of you watching this video using DVD boxsets
are gonna be way too easy meaning you’re probably not gonna feel it working your
chest muscles at all so if that’s the case you’re going to need to use two
heavier objects so right now for example I’ve gotten rid of the DVD and now I’m
using two heavier books and if that doesn’t work for you or if you’re not
feeling anything at all in your chest muscles after about five to ten reps or
if that doesn’t automatically activate your chest muscles then you’re going to
need to get creative and find something heavier now it’s possible the best way
to do this exercise is to start off using two five-pound weights and plates
or even two 10-pound weight lifting plates and you’ll know if whatever
you’re using is heavy enough because your chest muscles will automatically
tighten up and squeeze to keep whatever objects you’re using from falling out of
the palm of your hands and no it doesn’t have to be two of the exact same object
like here for example I’m using a rock and a book and in some cases it’s
actually better to use two different objects because it makes your chest
muscles have to work much harder to make the two uneven objects stay together you
can also use three or more objects to get a more intense breast lift workout like on the right around me using a book in the middle of two DVD boxsets
or you can simply use one heavy object like I am on your left
I’m using a single 15 pound dumbbell you can also take two Furniture sliders and
place any random object like the madman box set in the middle for a much better
chest or a bigger breast workout you want to make sure the slick side of the
Furniture sliders or touching whatever object you’re using the Furniture
sliders make it a better workout because you have to squeeze your chest muscles
extra hard to not only prevent the object from falling but to also prevent
the Furniture sliders from actually sliding or moving beginners especially
if the object is heavier or weighs more than five pounds you can start off by
applying the rougher side of your furnace slider to whatever object you’re
using now there’s two different kinds of workouts you can do to make your breasts
look bigger with this exercise you can simply do two to six sets of eight to
twenty reps two to four days per week as seen on the right or the more intense
version on the left where you’re doing only five to ten reps but you pause and
hold each rep in the middle for at least three seconds before you finish it rough
not pushing the object all the way up okay now for part two of your bigger
breasts workout you’re going to go back to the DVDs and you’re gonna start off
by stacking up at least five DVDs and then you’re gonna do push ups like this
and come all the way down until your chest touches the DVD and you’re gonna
also do this for two to six sets of eight to twenty
reps two to four days per week now as you can see on the left and right if
it’s too easy then you’re gonna use less DVDs until you get strong enough to do
push ups on your own if it’s too hard then you’re gonna use more DVD
but the point is you’re gonna use however many DVDs you need to where you
can do 8 to 20 reps in a row and you don’t have to use DVDs you can use a
stack of books boorda games stack of wood my stack of anything that’s gonna
help you progressively get stronger so you can build a permit chest that makes
your breasts look bigger now remember this is a two-part workout do the Breast firming exercise on your left first for 2 to 6 sets before you do your two to six sets
of push ups on the right beginners you may want to do two push-ups first for
two success before you do the exercise to increase breast size on the left if you have bad posture or
lots of belly fat did any bigger breast exercises I just showed you may not help
you that much so make sure you also do the exercises from NASSCOM slash posture
and now lost comm slash waist to make your breasts look bigger

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