Lifehack: cut out an object from a video with VSDC Video Editor

Lifehack: cut out an object from a video with VSDC Video Editor

Add source files Create a snapshot of the second video Go to the ‘More Tools’ option and click ‘Create snapshot’ or use shortcut Ctrl + F12 Drag it from ‘Resources Window’ and place on the scene Click ‘Set the same size as the parent has’ to make the image fit the scene size automatically Delete the video from the timeline Double click the image layer add a shape using the ‘Free shape’ tool Use ‘Set the same size as the parent has’ to cover the whole scene Double click the free shape layer on the timeline Select all points and delete them in the right-click menu Open the ‘Free shape’ tab on the toolbar Click ‘Insert point’ and select ‘Start new shape’ Add points around a required part to cover that Change the color to black in the properties window Among composition modes choose ‘Inverted mask’

21 thoughts on “Lifehack: cut out an object from a video with VSDC Video Editor”

  1. cut image only? I need this same tool to cut videos … for example If this flower were a video and could make the same cut with pen, style in photoshop …

  2. VSDC – the precision executed by your demonstrator is remarkable. Can you tell us what kind of Mouse allows you that kind of precision?

  3. Hey VSDC, I just would like to ask how I can safely update VSDC from 5.8.1 x64 to 5.8.6 x64 (Haven't used it for a while). Every time I click yes on the "Do you want to update" prompt, my adblock (UBlock Origin) completely prohibits me from downloading the update due to it being hosted on Cnet.

    Would I be able to just go through the installation wizard for 5.8.6 (and any future updates) to both keep my current project files and remove the old version?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. You fuckers, no one said it was a pro-only feature. You just put "VDSC Video Editor" in stead of "VDSC free Video Editor" I just spent 3 hours working on a video for a MEME page only to find out I can't even mask the fucking shape I just made.

  5. this video was indeed helpful. Took me a while to follow everything because its a fast tutorial and has no spoken or written narration,work on that with future tutorials please

  6. Thank you, didn't know this was possible and should work way better for what I'm doing. I had been trying to look for it under masking.

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