mari vlogs: mall adventures & doodling

Making breakfast for my cousin and I! Toasted her bread with some butter. Bacon! Bread, bacon and…. Eggs! I tried to make them easy over but the yolk popped… I like my things just a little bit burnt so I left it on the pan longer! I cut my bacon into half and once again the yolk popped! Close up shots! I’m getting hungry while editing this On the bus! It was super windy when we got off! We have to walk for a few minutes before we actually got into the mall but instead of walking we ran inside! We went to pick up some things my aunt needed and went into the food court but it was super packed! We ended up leaving and going to some place else. The mall recently had some renovations done so more seats got added in but we still couldn’t find a spot! Menu! I always get the same thing so I wanted to try something different for once Lemon water! I’ve been trying to avoid drinks like soda and juices but I still drink coffee like crazy Food! My cousin and I got the same thing I forgot to ask for the egg over easy x-x I like to dip my fries into the yolk but I’m not a fan of raw whites I was struggling trying to pop the yolk with my fry…. I give up Instead watch it jiggle! Trying to pop it with the fork… GOT IT! Fries and shakes? Don’t know her, I only know fries and egg yolk Because my stomach capacity is the size of a walnut, I didn’t finish it Leftovers! Both of us couldn’t finish anything x-x Life hack: Don’t try on clothes after you eat I’ve been wanting a heavier denim jacket for a while but it didn’t fit right… Round two! Scrunchies I’m not sure if this is off shoulder but I like the colors! Back home! This was the outfit I wore today! Bomber jacket, a lace cami and a strappy pink bralette! I really liked the clash of styles in this! Lace detailing is cute too! The clothes I bought! Basically the second round of clothes I tried on I’ve been eyeing orange-brown colors recently C O L O R S ! ! ! ! ! I really like pajama flannels a lot so I got one! The colors are cute and have a soft vibe uwu Oh boy, I got a pair of light wash high waisted jeans My light colored jeans are all low rise and I really dislike wearing them unless it’s with something oversized They’re ripped too! I wanted a non ripped pair but the only other one they had was a really light almost white blue I was too lazy to cook so I heated up the burger and fries I didn’t have anything else to do that day since I did my chores the day before so I ended up tending to my nails after I ate After I got rid of the red color, I picked out my color! This color is Demure Vixen by Essie! A nail hack I recommend is painting your nails with a clear coat and to wrap the tip! Wrapping the tip prevents water from getting into the layers of your nails and drying inside, making them brittle. I do a coat of Bonder before I put the top coat on I do a coat of Bonder, top coat, 2-3 coats of the polish I used and another layer of top coat after! I shaped my nails and buffed them down so I went on with my regular nail routine! I don’t like to cut my nails and opt for shaping them instead I also leave my cuticles alone and don’t do anything with them Done! The color is like a nude pink with some purple shimmer when you move your nails in natural sunlight The shimmer isn’t too noticeable of a shimmer either and I think it’s a nice color overall! Doodle time! I’m drawing in a bullet journal one of my best friends got me for my birthday! I used to use it for bullet journaling but I end up writing all my assignments on my phone I also mark important dates like midterms and due dates on my phone calendar instead of the book I was struggling to think of something to draw for a while I had been drawing again but all I’ve been drawing is couple poses I really didn’t want to draw another one so I kept trying to start sketching Nothing came to mind still! I ended up giving in and doing another couple drawing… I’ve been drawing since I was young but I still can’t do hands I think it’s a struggle we all go through honestly I’ve been in a soft mood recently! In two days I made three simple pieces with couples in them all I just think couple photos are super cute! I used a reference for my drawing btw I simplified it a lot because I wanted a minimalistic piece I find myself doing simple pieces more often than bigger ones I lose interest in bigger pieces easily and I have a lot of digital wips because of that As I sketch I realize some of the height differences I see are super cute uwu Unfortunately, I’m 5’5 or 5’6…I don’t think height is all that important but the idea is nice I had some struggle with figuring out the hair for the female… I wanted to give her shorter hair at first but changed my mind I kept going back with the idea in my head but I stuck to longer hair I was counting the boxes to make sure the drawing would be centered! I kept looking back at the reference! The back of ears is something I don’t do often so I had to keep looking back I started doing the hair but I end up erasing it later because it was too high up! I was really close to either giving the male a beanie or a bowl cut I ended up giving him a styled bowl cut if that makes sense??? I mess up human anatomy for a good few seconds here… I gave her those half moon bangs! I’ve been wanting them myself but my face shape doesn’t suit it 🙁 Bangs of any kind also require a lot of maintenance and I’m super lazy so… I’m refining the clothing here and adding in wrinkles to the fabric My laptop shut off in front of me at this point… Lining! I use the Micron pens for lining! For this piece I used thicker nibbed pens to line I go in with the thinner pen and line with one thickness all round I kind of didn’t pay much detail to the hands so lining it just reminded me of sausage fingers I’m lining the cuffed sweater that the female is wearing rn! Moved onto the hair after! Working on the jacket the male is wearing now In the photo, her other hand was also shown so sausage fingers pt.2 Working on the male hair! Male hair is a lot harder for me to draw x-x Going in with the thicker nibbed pen now! I add in contour lines which is like making a line thicker or thinner in a certain area to make the object distort deeper or make it higher Markers! The Taupe and Sepia color swatches aren’t true to the cap so I promise they aren’t that light! Taupe and Sepia are hair colors, blue and green are clothes and orange is the phone case! Used Sepia for the male hair! The Blick studio markers have brush nibs! Going over areas to give it more dimension Coloring the phone with the orange color I always give my characters the iPhone when I have an Samsung… iPhones are just easier and quicker to draw from the back view I’m coloring her sweater green! I was going to start his blue jacket but used Taupe to do her hair Grabbing my white pen to correct any mistakes! canitcorrectmeomg Starting his jacket! Remember to color in the way something grows or forms, do as I say not as I do Switching to the chisel nib! Correcting mistakes again! The Ohuhu markers have a much thinner ink and bleed easily I’m adding a seafoam green washi tape with white polka dots! Cutting off some of the tape that I used for a previous project I can’t trust myself to cut straight lines I wanted to write something over the tape! Unfortunately, it smudged later on and I had to remove the tape and replace it with a new one… I was using half a braincell to think of something cute… Okay um idk why this ending card is like 12 seconds long tbh I’ll see you guys in the next video! ♡ Thank you for watching ♡

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