My Baby Einstein 2002 DVDs (New Version)

My Baby Einstein 2002 DVDs (New Version)

Hey guys, it’s me Noemi Magat here, and juh
because everyone has been reQUESTING this for this SO much, umm just going to get to you
guys. (I’m sorry that I farted.) Here are all my— This is my update of my Baby Einstein
2002 DVDs. So the first one is you all know, The Language Nursery DVD. Front. Back.
the side. (tries to open the DVD) The parents guide and the disc. (shuffley-shuffle noises) Next up… The Baby
Mozart 2002 DVD. By the way, I’m very sorry aby— about I putted two DVDs on the cover…
here’s the front… the back… the side… Here’s the pant’s guide and
the two discs… (mutters) DVDs… This is the Baby Mozart 2002 DVD, and this is the
Baby Mozart 2004 DVD. (mutters) Mm-pretty cool huh… That’s why I’m gonna write here,
(whispers) “TWO PACK.” So that’s what I’m gonna write. Next up: The Baby Bach 2002 DVD.
Front… da back… side… (struggles to open DVD) the parent’s guide and the parent’s guide
te-duh WHAT?! They did— GOT A NEW PARENT’S GUIDE WHAT THE… and the disc. Don’t say
the F word or else I’m gonna kill you. (Eat your food!) Be— (whispers) be quiet! This—
next up is the Baby Shakespeare 2002 DVD. Got this at ebay last hnnn (?) Here’s the
front… the bat… the side… the parent’s guide, da different pants guide
and the disc. (stove turning on) Sorry, this gonna be taking a long time. Next up is—
This is the Baby van Gogh 2002 DVD— by the way, I’m very sorry about the damage on the
cover — I wrote “World uhh colors,” so yeah. And it’s— this DVD is VERY CRUMBLED. We
were playing some of the paper, well… whatEVER. Frunt… back… side… the parent’s
guide. Sorry, this is the parent’s guide, but the other parent’s guide I really lost
it, so I have… And this is another damage on the cover of the Baby van Gogh, BUT it
still works. Next up we have the Baby Santa 2002 DVD. Front… the back… the side…
the parent’s guide and the disc. You know I’ll get those… par— those CDs…. be—
the VHS tapes. And the VHS tapes— I’m gonna— I-I ordered at ebail (ebay). So yeah? And
the CDs I’m gonna get thit for my birfday. Uhh, yeah. And the flashcards, I’m going to
get this at Amazon. Soy yehh. Here is the Baby Dolittle Neighborhood Animals 2002 D-uhh-D.
By the way, I’m really sorry that is 2001… mm 2002… I can’t stand that! (hits the DVD
on bed) Here’s the front… the back… Family Home Entertainment logo, Arson (?) logo (Artisan).
But, I’m gonna do a creating— opening my version of it. The side. (shuffley-shuffle) The parent’s guide and the disc. This was
from 2001 to 2002. EHHH! This says 2001 but MAYBE it’s 2002 AHHH don’t know. Here’s the
Baby Dolittle World Animals 2002 DVD. Frent… back… si-ide… (struggling to open DVD
again) Here’s the parent’s guide and the disc (more background noises) Hmmm… what ehr
es tss??? Donut have a year but it’s still 2002. It doesn’t matter! Here’s the Baby Newton 2002 DVD. Frunt.
Back. The side. Hei dime going to show you the full side. Soyeh. OH! Ba-ae Beethoven
Symphony of Fun 2001. 2002. OH I FORGOT TO SHOW YOU the DVD of Bae Newton. Didn’t I?
Ehh isk guy… Here’s the parent’s guide and the DVD. OUH THIS IS THE LAST 2002 DVD. That
is created some more in my neh— new video. Soy yeah. This glass DVD. The Bae Beethoven
Symphony of Fun DVD. 2002 DVDs. Sorry (sniff). Front. Back. Side. (background noise shuffley-shuffle)
The pants guide and the disc. Hmm… NO. YEAR. But it’s still 2002 (throws
DVD). So here all my D— 2002 DVDs I got and my— and this sock (?) Sooh tank you
guys for watching, please comment, rate, subscribe… HUUHHH and I’ll see you guys later almond
next viyo.

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  1. This is not how you do it first you do the front, then next you have to the spine, and then the back, and show the inside

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