Replacing the Hard Drive in the HP Pavilion All-in-One PC | HP Pavilion | HP

Replacing the Hard Drive in the HP Pavilion All-in-One PC | HP Pavilion | HP

This video shows you how to remove and replace a hard disk drive. Your replacement hard disk drive may not look exactly like your original drive. That’s OK. If you received it from HP it will still work with your computer. If you purchased it on your own, make certain that the drive meets the specifications. Go to to find the specifications for your computer. It should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to perform this task. You’ll need a flat-head screw driver as well as Phillips number one and number two screwdrivers. A few words of caution before we start. If possible make sure you back up your data to an external hard drive or DVDs before you replace the hard drive. Go to for additional instructions and suggestions for backing up your data. You will need a set of system recovery disks in order to complete this procedure. You may have received this from HP with your replacement hard drive. If you purchase the replacement hard drive on your own, you will need to create them or order them from HP. Go to for additional information on creating ordering system recovery disks for your computer. Never open the cover when the computer is on or plugged in. Make certain it’s turned off and unplugged. Static electricity can damage the computer’s electronic components. Be sure to touch the metal cage before touching any internal parts or components. A hard disk drive is extremely sensitive to shock an impact. Do not bang or drop it. Avoid touching sharp edges inside the computer. And finally the appearance and features of your HP Pavilion All-in-One PC may vary slightly from those shown here. OK. Let’s get started. First remove any media such as a DVD or memory card from the computer. Next, turn off the computer and unplug the power cord. Disconnect any attached devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or printer. Lay the computer down on a flat surface covered with a soft cloth to protect the screen from scratches or other damage. Insert a flat-head screw driver into the back cover slot to gently pry it off. Slide off the cover on the left side in the direction indicated by the arrow. Next, locate the hard disk drive. Use the Phillips number one screwdriver to loosen the screw on the hard disk drive cage. Do not try to remove the screw completely. Use the cage handle to slide out the hard drive. if the drive cage does not slide easily you may need to loosen the screw further, Use a Philips number two screwdriver to unscrew the four screws and slide the hard disk drive out of the cage. Align the hard disk drive so the connectors will be placed at the notched side of the cage. Slide the replacement hard disk drive into the cage, and replace the four screws. Using the handle slide the hard disk drive back into the bay until it stops. Re-tighten the screw. Replace the side cover then the back cover. Stand the computer up-right, plug in the power cord, and reconnect the other cables and devices. If your hard drive was shipped without an operating system installed, you’ll need to reinstall it using the system recovery disks. To install the operating system, refer to the instructions included with your system recovery desks or available from the HP Support site. After the operating system has been installed, you’ll need to reinstall any applications and restore any data you backed up. After you reinstall the operating system using the system recovery disks your HP Pavilion All-in-One PC is ready for use.

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  1. Help!!! I have a HP Pavilion all in one MS220BR. I want to open the rear cover to replace the fan, but I couldn't.
    I removed the Hdd, dvd, memory, but the cover is still there. Any web site with the steps??
    The pics from HP support doesn't match with MS220br all in one. They are desktop pc.

  2. I got a problem. Probably with the fan. When I turn on the pc, it's suddenly turn off. Is it because overheating? I checked the upper ventholes, and the right side of the pc is cold (like how normal pc before it's being turn on) and the left side vent is hot, just like how normally pc turn on. I think the right side fan doesn't work or broken. Could you analyze and give a solution for my problem?

  3. It does sound like it could be an overheating issue. I can't tell if it is due to faulty fans or if another component is overheating. It's also possible you have a failed motherboard, processor, power supply, or hard drive. It's really hard to tell without doing further tests. Have you opened the PC case to see if there is dust or any other obvious issues?

  4. So the pc only last for about 5-10 minutes until turn off. I tried to open the case already. Like I thought, dusty and I clean them with a tissue. I can't open the whole pc because I don't know. The box which is connected to the pc isn't hot either.

  5. Go to the HP support website and search for your PC model number and "open case" or "replace hard drive". You should be able to find documents and videos that show how to open your PC.

  6. If I could post links in YouTube comments, I'd link you to some HP Support documents that can help with this. Essentially, you have to take off most of the back cover to get to the CMOS battery. Using the motherboard specs, you can see the layout of the MB and find the CMOS battery. To find these documents, google "hp all in one 200 replace back cover" and then "Motherboard Specifications, ZN6".

  7. Yeah, there is. You can buy a USB to DVI or HDMI or VGA adapter. Just google something like "USB to DVI adapter" and you'll find them.

  8. i made the mistake of not buying a graphics card with this computer. Is there any way i can buy one myself and put it in?

  9. I've never tried it myself, but theoretically it may be possible, NOT easy, but maybe possible. Go to HP's support website and search for your model number. Then look up the product and motherboard specs to see if there is an open graphics port. You can also look up other part replacement documents and videos from this site. Then I would try to look up another similar PC that has a graphics card and see what kind it has to see if you can use it in your PC.

  10. thanks, I went to their website, and I found this as their Expansion slot:
    One PCI Express x16 module socket for MXM graphics card (Generation 2 speed).
    do you know any graphics card that have that MXM graphics card?

  11. I have this same problem in a HP Pavilion All-in-One MS220 Desktop PC. Is there any way to open it and clean the fan? I can't get to the cooler.

  12. Go to the HP support website and search for your PC model number and "open case" or "replace hard drive". You should be able to find documents and videos that show how to open your PC.

  13. I was wondering is there a power supply inside the pc? Or is the power supply the external one that can only hold 150w?

  14. Is there a video on how to change the power supply on one of this? I am having problems with mine and need to know Thanks

  15. Hello, where can i find the answer (until now no-where) to my prob with my HP all in one CQ1. that´s says there is a failure in the cpu's fan and that the machine will automaticly shut down. Thank you very much for your help or ideas.

  16. It sounds like you have overheating occurring and the fans have failed. You could try cleaning the dust out of the vents and see if that helps, but if the fans (or one of the fans) have completely failed, you may need to try and replace the failed fan.

  17. It depends on the parts you need. If you are just looking for a hard drive, you can find them at most major electronics stores or even online. Just check the specifications of the hard drive you have and compare to those you find.

  18. I looked it up and it looks like it is possible to replace the screen, but HP no longer has the parts for that series of PC. You'll have to contact a computer reseller or electronics store to see if they have access to one.

  19. Try going to the hp support site and searching for your model number and "product specifications" or "motherboard specifications". From those documents, you should be able to find what type of processor your PC is compatible with and that will tell you what you can upgrade to.

  20. is it possible to upgrade the graphics card on this pc? I want to play battlefield 3 but the graphics card isn't powerful enough.

  21. I've never tried it myself, but theoretically it may be possible, NOT easy, but maybe possible. Go to HP's support website and search for your model number. Then look up the product and motherboard specs to see if there is an open graphics port. You can also look up other part replacement documents and videos from this site.

  22. Hard drives can go out on any PC. It really depends on how the PC is taken care of and how the PC is used. This PC is probably over 5 years old, so it's probably been used quite a bit. If the PC keeps giving that message, it may be sensing that the hard drive is starting to fail. It's hard to say when exactly it will fail, but the system detected a condition that alerted it to show the message. I would keep my files backed up just in case. The good thing is you can replace the hard drive.

  23. can somebody help me? i purchased my hp all in one 200 and after the warranty expired went bad.
    when i push the on button the small led just blinks and goes off and nothing happens,i just to fix it by unpluging the power supply for 2 o 3 days but now  nothing. i called hp and they wanted over 350.00 to fix it.
    can somebody tell me what do i need to replace?, thank you very much.

  24. hi guy, hey i have problem with one of hp all in one i dont remenber the serial of that but it is similar or the same like your hp, the problem that i have is that my cousine antered in the bios and move to eneable all the ports usb and now i can use my mouse or my keyboard, and i cant enter to the bios cuz i dont press the esc button, so do you know somenthing about to fix that problem?

  25. I have a HP Omni Pro110 AiO and whenever i am gaming or watching videos on youtube/twitch for more then 30 min it gets super hot and extremely loud and annoying can i get some help? Don't really have the funds for a new pc right now. Thanks

  26. Is it possible for my to upgrade my video card?
    I have a 610 1550xt with a radeon HD 6550A
    I have had it for almost 3 years now and just really need a better card for newer games.

    What better cards can I place in there?


  27. Whats the battery life like? I cant seem to get mine to work without being plugged in even though it says it has a 10 hour battery life. Am I doing something wrong?

  28. Hello HP
    I have a HP Pavilion 23 AIO PC Model 23-b040xt.
    Is possible for me replace the SATA DISK with a new SSD disk? What model of SSD will match with the case? 
    Thanks, Pavel

  29. hp pavilion 21 touch screen disc tray repair the tray is stuck open I cannot put back in it came off the slider track and now stuck open how can I open the back I see a lock on the back but don't now how to unlock

  30. I have an HP Pavilion 20 all in one which is giving me an error:  No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed.  I have tried HP recovery disks and they say to contact HP with another error message that they are unable to continue with the recovery.  Should I just replace the hard drive?  And if so what size hard drive should I get?

  31. I have a question hope you can answer. my computer boots but the screen is black and there is no blacklight. lights everything but not for the screen.

  32. Hello hp
    I have a hp pavilion 20 an It comes with 4gb ram
    Now if I wanted to upgrade to 16 go ram for video editing would that work great for me or I new more than a ram to make video editing smooth

  33. Hello, I have a HP Pavillion 20 All in one. The hard drive has crashed. Once I replace the drive and use the system recovery disk, will windows 7 or 8 be installed automatically?

  34. I don't like how HP charges money to get the recovery disks. They should have it for free (with provided serial code of machine purchased) and able to download to a usb or copy to dvd.

  35. Hello HP! I have a HP Pavilion 23 all in one PC and the screen flickers on and off. The sound works fine when it flickers so its just the screen doing it. This happens occasionally probably once every 2 weeks, and i was wondering how i could fix this? Is it a hardware or software problem? Thank you!

  36. I have a HP all in one pc(HP All-In-One 20-2110in 19.45-inch Desktop PC)

    I wanted to increase its ram and graphic memory how can I do so
    Pls give reply as soon as possible bcoz its important

  37. Hi
    I have an HP Pavilion 23 All In One PC and the power went out while I was using it. Now when I turn it on, its stuck on a loading screen saying "Diagnosing your pc". How do I fix this? I can't find any batteries or how to open the computer up. The only way without using batteries was to wait for 12 hours. Please help!

  38. Hi HP! I have a HP Pavillion 23 All-In One, After a couple of power outages and triped breakers, the computer will not turn on. I have tested the Adapter with another computer and it works, however, when i connect it into the pc power inlet, the indicator does not turn on, which leads me to believe that it is a pc power module problem. Any Suggestions?

  39. I have the HP Pavilion 23 All In One and I was wanting to upgrade my graphics card from the standard one(Intel(R) HD Graphics and I was wondering what a decent upgrade from my current graphics card is, and how to install it correctly

  40. Hi, I have a HP Pavilion 23 all in one PC (23-f221ea  Prod E6Q09EA#ABU) and the 1 tb hard disk is getting rather full, I want to change for say a 3 or 4tb drive, can I use the DVD sata port to string the two drives together so that I can copy one drive to the other using say something like Acronis Thx for any help.. Len

  41. Hi — I have a HP Pavilion 20-b010. I'm trying to figure out of if I can replace the hard-drive with a solid state drive. Please let me know if this model is compatible for that.

  42. Why we don't have a HP Pavilion 23t with SSD option?
    For exemple:

  43. can someone give me a link to the screwdrivers on amazon can't find any also can I use 32 GB flash drive instead of disks?

  44. help.. i use hp pavilion all in 1 like this.. my problem is when i turn on my computer .the computer will only run 1 or 2 hour ..after that it will auto shut down .. help me if you know how to fix it..

  45. the other day when i turned my pc on the fan went super crazy blowing like it never has before, just a black screen, the stupid push button thing wont work, not that i expected it to, would you say this is a motherboard, video card issue, or the hd?

  46. Hello +HP Computing Support, Will it be possible to change the HDD in the HP Omni 100-5155 PC to an SSD. Is an SSD compatible with this model? Would you recommend an HDD for an SSD. or vice versa? In what cases would you recommend both of them. I got a S.M.A.R.T. warning on system startup that the Current HDD is about to fail.

    Also, the PC gets generates too much noise. I think it is the fan. It gets annoyingly loud that I have to shut it down off.This situation is similar to +Joejoe's comment in the comment section below. Please let me know if there is a solution to this. My PC runs Windows 7 OS as it is the supported operating system for this model. Many Thanks.

  47. can i remove the boot hard drive and replace it with new hard drive with a fresh install of windows 8 even though the pc is a windows vista?

  48. Hi hp, is there a way to install a solid state drive (SSD) into an all in one PC which are only 2.5 inch?

  49. I am checking one of those now. I turned it on first time I got it here.
    It booted to Windows 10 login. They did not give me a password. So shut
    it down from the shutdown option right hand bottom. I found a disk to
    remove passwords tried to boot it back up. I hear the fan spinning loud
    nothing on the screen. I unplugged it held power button ten seconds
    still nothing. And as for the screws I have worked on HP's with torx
    screws and have used flat head just fine. These systems came with 7.
    I bet this is another instance of MS forcing Windows 10. I mean it
    may not be 100 % compatible and was struggling and over heated. Even
    though I did get it to turn on. It may turn on later tonight a few hours
    or tomorrow. I just don't know. The owners seem to know nothing about
    computers so im sure Windows 10 installed on it's own or they saw
    "free" and clicked it not knowing the consequences.

  50. i have the omni pro 110 pc and was wondering about graphics options. I need at least 256 mb of dvideo ram on my system and was wondering if there were any options with external graphics cards or upgradables, but i have found any yet. I need to know this so i can figure out if i need to buy a new system or not. Thanks

  51. Hi ! Can i replace my hp hdd omni 200-5316d to ssd? how can i retain all the software or apps into new ssd ? Will it improve performance significant?

  52. Any ideas why and how to fix my my computer everytime I turn it on it turn on but has a black screen nothing pops up but I can hear everything running

  53. The hardrive went bad in this computer. How do I transfer the HDD in it to a new one? Is there a place to run cables and have 2 HDD plugged in so I can transfer? I never transferred a HDD to another HDD before so I dont know if there is an easier way or not. Thank you in advanced to anyone that helps 🙂

  54. I was given a 5040a last week, purely because its so useless.
    It does however work flawlessly, once I formated and reinstalled Windows. I tried W10 but it kept running a program that I simply could not be bothered to try to cure, and as it had a legal Win 7 licence, I just thought bugger it, Ill do Win7 anyway.

    I decided to simply use it as a media PC for the bedroom. It should be just fine for that, but given that all my other PCs are serious high end thing, this was disgustingly slow and so I am doing the best I can, do get it to be as fast as it can be.

    RAM is 2GB. I have plenty of RAM but not willing to waste good ram on this, so I threw in a pair of 2GB Sticks.
    HD was a WD Blue, and 500GB. Again this should be just fine for 90% of the stuff I want it to do, but me being me, I threw in a 120GB SSD. Since it will be accessing the Media from my Server, I dont need huge storage, however, I do want it to react as quickly as it can when I ask anything from it.

    Now, the DVD can be replaced with a HD, just like I have done to all my Laptops. You simply buy a HD Caddy for a laptop and you can easily plop in a 2.5" drive into that… I did this for a bit, and the bezel coes off the original DVD drive to cover the hole, but after a bit, I thought stuff it… Keep the DVD in there. So, thats a thought for if you need extra storage on yours.

    The 5040a can take up to a 3.16Mhz Core2Duo E8500 according to teh website, and so, I have a peekaboo into my box os spares and lo and behold I have one.

    My only issues, is now, how far to take the stripping down of this thing?

    RAM and HD are easy to do, as is the DVD, however, Im not entirely happy with how far I need to go, to get the CPU Cooler off?

    I have had a play about… Not too seriously though, and I have taken of fa load of the screws, but, it seems to me, that I need to fully take the whole front off this, is order to take the rest of the back off?

    I can get at the two coolers, or the small fan and the CPU Heatsink, and I can lift them up somewhat, but the actual main heatsink, is still very much under the case and so I am a bit iffu on taking this lot apart anymore than it is!

    The thing is, that its got a 2.7Ghz Pentium and I have the chance of putting in a 3Ghz ( well, 3.16 ) Core2Duop, and its not just a 300Mhz boost, its also a huge Pentium to Core2Duo boost so the performance increase will be substantial enough to warrant me doing it…. If the E8500 still works LOL

    So, anyone know how to do that?

    Free beer and kisses for anyone who can help?

  55. Since my HP is an older model with windows 7 , how do I go about putting windows 10 on a new HD without having to buy the operating system

  56. What if I have a recovery thumb drive? Also would said drive I made have the factory installed windows version included, or do I have to get it again? HP pavillion 23 All In One 23 g116… Hard drive specs?

  57. Replacing the hard drive is rock simple. Accomplished the feat in 10minutes, while sitting on the tile laundry room floor, using the phillips head screwdriver on my Swiss Army knife! Honest. Software reinstall may not be to everyone's comfort/skill level though.

  58. the hard drive on one of those crappy hp pavilions from 2008 survived over 8-10 years so far, lets hope the one in this all-in-one does as its already survived 4 and a half.

  59. Use an imaging backup to usb drive and image restore. Either Windoze or ShadowProtect, Acronis etc
    A pox on reinstalling everything!

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