100 thoughts on “Rush – Leave That Thing Alone ( Time Machine 2011 DVD )”

  1. The tempo and groove of this is addictive.  Playing it on continual loop. Alex's screaming riff with the sustain and note bending, Geddy's funky bass runs and Neil's power and technical brilliance- here are examples of the things that give me goose bumps in Neil's drumming alone never mind what Alex and Geddy do- the tomtom rolls between 1.13 and 1.30, the triple smashes on the crash at 3.12, 3.20 and 3.28 and the little flurry on the ride cymbal at 3.35. These are the little details that you know wouldn't even be noticed by your typical pop music lover- they say "it's just noise and there's no tune". TUNE………. fuck me these people have such a superficial understanding of music. They hear it but they don't FEEL it. If I wanted a "tune" I'd listen to twinkle twinkle little star- this is men's music that has balls and sends a shiver up your spine- if you have one.

  2. Tell me again how chris squire or john entwistle or paul Mccartney or John paul jones are the best rock bassists.. They are all great, but there is only 1 GOAT ,.. and his name is Geddy Lee.

  3. When this piece of beautiful work came out in 93 at the time I was playing drums and guitar and I learned it on both don't do it anymore but I remember those days

  4. Damn, never seen the full version of this solo, if he wasn’t the greatest bass player of all time before playing that… he was after

  5. I bet, back in the day, Led Zeppelin and the Who heard RUSH and said," who are these guys? and how can they be this good? "

  6. I have seen them live in concert 11 times and they are always professional and put on a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. More music comes out of these three guys than the rest of this sad population of wannabees…Wall of Sound is a gentle term…Rock the F-in house is more appropriate….

  8. This band resonates with so many people, you have to believe it's some type of magic..when people say they don't like them..I'm puzzled.

  9. In one song there are 3 solos by 3 instruments, a guitar solo, a drum solo and a bass solo. This shows that all the members are important and they sound great.

  10. This should be in a movie about pulling off a heist or something. Geddy is punishing that bass as usual and Alex killing it on guitar and neil proving his godly talent on drums. Love this band so much

  11. Watched for the "umpteenth" time; this never gets old, nor fails to make me smile and lighten my heart in difficult moments. Three MUSICIANS performing TOGETHER! Bravo, gentlemen. You are, and will be, missed for years to come. Thank you!

  12. I rarely hear this kind of song, but this song is so funky so hypnotizing makes me replay again and again

  13. One thing I hate about Rush is trying to decide who I should watch, although in this case I think Geddy stole the moment at the end

  14. Wow! I say it again wow!! Geddy you absolutely nailed that ending solo….so much so that I have goosebumps and a little tear in my eye knowing that I may never hear you play it again live.

  15. It does not get better than this. THIS IS the Holy Grail. THIS is Rush. THIS IS why they are the best band and musicians. THANK YOU GOD that these 3 didn't become accountants or plumbers.

  16. That little skinny Jewish guy is pretty damn good on that bass thing hey? LOL What a sound for 3 guys! I just LOVE that soaring guitar sound that is unmistakenley Big Al! Legends! I guess the preceding song should have been "Where's My Thing" ? LOL

  17. Used the intro of this song to replicate Geddy's tone as best I can with my meager skills and basic equipment, and I must say, though it's not perfect by a long shot, it still sounds pretty damn cool

  18. when i was 8, a distant older  cousin in another state 400 miles away  gifted  me an acustic 12 string yamaha guitar.  i knew not what to do or how to do it  …but hey neither did he–  thats why he was giving it to me  / and asked me to listen to this new rock band he had discovered  it was music from 2112… as  i looked at the album cover and saw a futuristic city which turned out to be  at the current time no futuristic intentions there for me to imagine but i thought how obscure  how was i ever to learn to play that on 12 string guitar it even starts with the instrument  out of tune..!! that cousin told me wow these guys are the next big band and later he told me the same of another Canadian band triumph.. which i like them both… however RUSH  has been the most satisfying  evolving soundtrack to my life  each warm up tour or tour or new music and then new album and the cycle repeated for 40 years it repeated .. and the messages they have delivered.. the most  thought  provocative thing of my life a philosophy of sorts some mystical club of metal urgists, tractor repaiman, plumbers helper,  many people can relate to the conceptions  ,,,just wanted to say even after they have retired?:":  i still seach out new track to boldly go where i have not heard that before..!lol… startrekers  star chasers /.starman naked before us like us exposed to the light and the darkness from without and with in- …… peace i hope you find this well. my friends .. s.e. va, 23666

  19. The guitarist's guitar player, the bassist's bass player, the drummer's par excellence drum player and the tunesmiths ultimate tune…what a package they were and will always be.

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