The Purpose of Life – By Jeffrey Lang

The Purpose of Life – By Jeffrey Lang

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  1. Im a turkish man.I was a muslim because it was our culture.I was praying but there was no answers to my questions in quran.Because of this I had been an atheist.And 7 years I stayed as an atheist.And it was diffucult to say thereis no god because its the biggest lie.And I after 7 years I began to search again.And Im muslim now alhamdlillah.And videos of this man and the other atheist converted people helped me very much.Allahu Akbar.

  2. Standing ovation? This never happens in Islam. Think on! Maybe they wanted to quickly get outa there & watch that NBA game mentioned. But that was a NEW unconventional approach to the 2nd Chapter of the Qur'an. I was as appreciative of Dr Lang when I first saw this 30 yrs ago. And ever grateful after that whenever I began to read the Qur'an (start of every Ramadhan).

  3. Allah is a liar . And I can prove it . Just tell us how the church got started .

    Allah claims he split the moon into two . Bullshit . No such thing ever happen . Proven liar .

  4. When he compared all the good attributes of humans to the same ultimate attributes of God, I cried. Absolutely astonishing stuff. I've been a believer for so long but never understood this verse where God says about Adam (pbuh) that I created man in my own image. Now I understand, thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Lang, that it is a portion of God's attributes that God put into man, and it's up to us humans to either let go of these attributes or grow in them. Alhumdulillah! All praise is for God – the one, the only! Lastly, I wish peace and prosperity to all my fellow human beings.

  5. Beautifully explained by Jeffery Lang! The example he gave towards the end of his fish, dog and kids was a powerful one to show that humans are superior beings and thus can be more closer to Allah than angels or jinns if we choose to follow the right path and incorporate some of Allah’s attributes to some extent e.g our prophet




  7. Issalmm is a one prophet religion .
    The rat 🐀 prophet Mahomet speaks for all the 240000 prophets because they are dumb
    Contains a lot of ridiculous stories like Moses talking with Adam . Make me die of laughter
    Solomon talking with ants 🐜 and cuckoo bird 🐦 .
    That is believable if you have a cuckoo brain

  8. Moses talk to Adam

    How can ALL men be punish for the sin of one man Adam ?

    How can one man die for the sins of ALL men .

    Hmm . Let me think ?

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  10. Bismillahir rahmaniir Rahiim! Asalamualikum! Islam by the Quran Alone is the Ultimate Purpose of Life by Will &/Pleasure of Allah swt. Subhanallah! Allahu'akbar!

  11. Dr Lang , Thanks for sharing your thoughts , your (re)search , your 'lang' (de : long) speech was well
    Worth the wait and perseverance ! You fortified my belief like none other !
    Duas for you and your family.

  12. To ALL these disbelievers who are making fun of our religion in this comment section – it’s pretty clear that you are watching this video and feeling threatened that Jefferey Lang is right about finding light in Islam. Instead of feeling anxious or threatened or nervous or angry, why don’t you just take it easy and give up your ego and just TRY reading atleast ONE full chapter of the Quran. Just dare yourself to. If you find the same light, great, because you’ll know it’s not as scary to change or convert as you think. You will not turn purple. You won’t have anything written on your forehead for people to get shocked upon. You’ll still look the same. It’s your heart that will change among million other things, your life will become a kind of beautiful you could have never imagined. I promise that. Just remember – Islam doesn’t just help, it’s EVERYTHING beyond that.

  13. لقد كانت ترجمة لمحاضرته جميلة . للأسف لماذا لم تكملوا الترجمة للعربية لبقية المحاضرة ؟ ولمن يريد متابعة المحاظرة وبالترجمة العربية كاملة .. ادخل على الرابط

  14. Masha alah great lecture and Truthful, Islaam Is a great religion which makes the connection between the Man And Alah.

  15. Dear professor lang. I think the audience were gripped by your talk as i was and not bored or tired 😊 may Allah help u with all your affairs and let the light of islam shine through u. JazaAllah khairan for your talk

  16. Wow may Allah subhonahu va taala bless you brother never heard before such a great interpretation of holy Quran it was amazing really enjoyed it,you should keep educating us more about holy Quran,since you’re highly educated (professor) and who can interpret holy book better then people of knowledge Ulama 👍👍👍👍👍.

  17. Masha Allah interpretation of Adam and Eve Moral growth!
    49,00 – Quran asks to reason, why not sufis? independant reasoning! linked to fitrah, Allah teaches to give ilm to grow and give choice, why do sufis emphasize taqlid to stunt growth and reason!

    even if you are afraid due to fitnah of kawarij, didn't Ibn Abbas give ilm to remove some of them. Isn't this what Allah teaches!

    revelation ended, why do they change it. and why do they want to us to stop at them though Sahabas RAdiyallah anhum and salaf said to stop at the Sunnah! And learn to reason and learn history of Quran, learn with out independant reasoning as well!
    even if we differ in fiqh, why do you have bida Aqidah? why do you stunt our reason, is it for your sufi cultism and growing yourself instead of growing the Muslims by growing them as individuals!

    lets just say you are genuine
    why do we as ppl accept Quran and salaf and then have to accept sufi imams who contradict Quran and Sunnah/salaf when Quran states they have more right to be followed, does that even make sense? isn't that like the priests and rabbis who changed scripture in 9,31! who were upon bida, your way is such in theory and in practice hurts the individual and stunts there growth and reason which Allah asks us to grow with the evidences you withhold or how to deal with differing and be one ummah while you force taqlid on many fallible erroneous bida imams and divde the ummah, not only do your sufi imams at times make up lies but then for that reason or with that reason they teach to force ppl to follow them only dividing them from the rest of the ummah again making them disfunctional for the divide and conquer agenda and weakening agenda of shaytan!

    are the mathhabs gradings really that different?
    that you use mathhabs to push your bida.
    Iqra Read is the first word in the Quran.
    when a kafir lies on Quran or bukhari we have it on our bookshelves, but if a sufi imams errors on or even fits in bida through a mathhab (which is also to conform to Quran and Sunnah as they themselves stated quotes collected by Imam Albani) we can't confirm it for ourselves.
    Where is the sure knowledge the Quran asks us to have and the qualities we give dawa with, transparency, unity brotherhood?
    where oh sufis?
    this is against the Sunnah!

    Sunnis are on the middle path between sufi extremists who blind follow imams above revelation, and the mutzalites who use reason and contradict revelation. Allah is a Lord of balance and Following revelation with salaf's manhaj & reason we find the truth and are able to work out differrings asn Quran says to return to Quran and Sunnah! One completely neglects reason with taqlid, and the other puts their ignorance in the name of reason above revelation from an All knowing Allah! showing their flaws and imbalance and contradiction to Islam!

    glad tidings to those who are patient , will you enter paradise withou struggle?
    be good to families , the needy help those who also suffer! successrul life is uphill climb!

    1.00.00 – messenger teachings causes you to grow,
    turn to Allah. experience Love and joy with the Lord and even ppl, and even more so in the next life with out distraction of the test!

    So what is the connection how do we make relationship with Allah!
    Quran tells us Allah's Names and attributes in short and tells us what deeds to do and what it means in the relationship with Allah, and then the creation and we are tested as a creation!

    How do you get close have something in common. By struggling we do good and experience things that make us grow and get closer to Allah!

    We don't get a piece of Allah's soul unless you mean He just gives it to us, something that He owns!

    WE are able to experience Allah's attributes.

    like if we didn't sin Allah would create a being that sins to ask Forgiveness, and when you learn the truth you understand the truth of Allah etc.

    1,20,00 bro jeff says we never say a computer is truthful , or a catscan is compassionate, but we do say ppl who suffer, have intelecct and make moral choices who are flawed and grow can these qualities and experience it, its not something they are prgrammed into them otherwise it wouldn't be those qualities unless you choose them! when you see suffering and it chooses to help and you suffer to, its the choice that makes it compassionate not a programming – its the reflecting and choosing. its a choice to tell the truth! Hence some of the beaty of free choice. Growing your soul and experienceing and makign choices with intellect which Allah bestowed upon Adam! Follow truth and recognize it and yo will go to Heaven…

    sin is thulm/oppression and it is self destruction and we destroy our human nature and won't allow us to receive beauty , same way a baby maybe born without physical development, your soul doesn't grow to have good experiences!

    bring on the joys of peace or suffering, on judgement day you will answer for your decision and this is total objective truth proof! from Quran!

  18. اتمنى ان ا سئل سؤال وأى شخص محترم يجيبنى هل اسلمت والدته جفرى لانج ام جيفري لانج هل اسلمت ام لا

  19. I enjoyed listening to your entire lecture Jeff. and I must say you did it with great success. Congratulations Jeff. May God guide you always with good health and wealth.

  20. Check out the FILTH in the Quran Jesus said by their fruits ye shall know them, Be your own judge.

  21. Jesus loves all Muslims we Christians dont hate muslims but want them to know the Truth and be saved. For God loves them.

  22. Quran 4: 171 Jesus the son of Mary was sent as a MESSENGER and the WORD of Allah and SPIRIT proceeding from his mouth. Here the TRINITY in the same verse of Quran were it says there is no TRINITY. MESSENGER(man) WORD and SPIRIT

  23. In the Quran Book of Maryam 19:1 the Aramaic code left by Waqara the Nasara ( Christians like the Jehovah witness) is the cousin of Khadija ( a Nasara) was translating the Aramaic Bible to Arabic and muhammd copied and pasted not knowing the CODE. The CODE is KHYAS which in Aramaic is MESSIAH THE GOD. it shows muhamamd ( real name is KUTtUM) s a liar and a thief.

  24. your understanding is nothing less than Divine illumination. Mashallah. I cried throughout. God bless your mother, your account of her character left me in tears of awe. The strength and faith of her, the love in her.

  25. Assalaam. Thank you for your excellent lecture, which I have listened to many times over last few years. I am following the comment section as well. I think there is a need for Muslims to know about Christianity and the Bible and find out the fallible arguments of Trinity, which in fact contradicts the Bible itself.

    I am born of a Muslim parent. I know if I were born of a Christian parents, I would be a Christian. I did not make that choice. God made that choice for me. So I followed Islam as my by birth religion. In a world full of different paths and opinions, knowing the right path is not only confusing but also the most challenging responsibility. Neither do we choose our parents, nor do we choose the religion we are born in. In other words, we are born in an environment that we do not handpick. Yet, our personality, behavior and beliefs are profoundly affected by the environment we grow up with.

    God is well aware of the competing claims from different groups claiming the truthful nature of their own beliefs. So, God gave us reasoning capacity to untangle those competitive claims of authenticity and reach the truth.

    If we read Jesus's own sayings in the Bible describing his relationship with God, we find it to be very much consistent with the Quranic description of Jesus. However, the picture is starkly different to what the trinity following theologians preach. As if, they are reading from a different book. Please follow the links to see what the Bible really says about Jesus. Many Christians will be surprised.

    Please feel free to use the links to others:
    1. Who is Christian Jesus?:
    2. Did Jesus Claim Himself To Be God?:

    3. Shedding Blood of Innocent Jesus:
    4. If there is only One true God, why are so many religions?:


  26. Muhammads real name is KUTTUM and muhammad is the Title. Can any muslims show in the Quran that Allah gave this Title to your prophet? NOT THERE

  27. Can the Muslims show in the Quran were Allah says Ahmed your name will be called Muhammad? NOT THERE. I can take any Title I want but it doesnt mean I am a prophet

  28. How did Muhammad became a Prophet ? Can you name the Witnesses? Khadija his christian wife did not even see the angel Jibreel nor did she see your prophet go to the heavens to see Allah. So how can a woman be a witness for your prophet?

  29. Quran says Allah sent 124,000 prophets can you show their names in the Quran? NOT THERE, and what happened to these 124,000 prophets books? NOT THERE, So you muslims believe what this prophet of yours said no proof of anything.

  30. In the Quran Ayesha says the messenger of Allah was demonic possessed and he said things that he did not do. that means the prophet of Islam had mental problems just like Schizophrenic imagining things as if its real.

  31. Will you ACCEPT a guy of 54 years old come to you and wants to marry your 6 years old daughter??? That is what Mohammad DID in his life time….
    Will you accept Mohammad's privilege to take you and sleep with you while your husband is with you???
    Will you accept Mohammad's suggestion to let a stranger suckle your br*ast??

  32. An angel can NOT enter your house just because you have a puppy inside your house??? what a joke… but that is Islam's teaching…

  33. o Thank You James Levara n Michael Red Hawk For The Comments And Videos… May Allah Grant You Both Hidayah n Jannah, InsyaAllah o

  34. All Christians missionaries which cant stop their own peoples leaving their religion to atheism in Europe and US, but as soon as someone accepts Islam they go mad and come to these videos and showing their internal hatred toward Islam. Please see the comments below and you can see what I am talking about.

  35. check out the pagan Kaaba shrine then and now. How American dollars made the oil made Kaaba a business place be your own judge. The HOLY SHRINE be your own judge..

  36. To all my Muslim brother and sister, you don't have to reply any of non-Muslims statements or questions.. Don't waste your energy.. Remember surah Al-baqarah 2-6 and 2-120 😉 with love from Indonesia, peace be upon you all..

  37. Check out the Black stones history and know the pagan origion. Jesus said know the Truth and it will set you free.

  38. Michael RED HAWK,

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