VEGAS Pro 15 – New Features & Beginner Tutorial – Best Video Editing Software

VEGAS Pro 15 – New Features & Beginner Tutorial – Best Video Editing Software

97 thoughts on “VEGAS Pro 15 – New Features & Beginner Tutorial – Best Video Editing Software”

  1. TIP: When writing your comment for the giveaway keep in mind we want you to talk about ALL of your favorite new features and explain why they would benefit you! I've noticed a few people only referring to one new feature which is fine, but we are probably more likely to choose someone who refers to more than 1 if that is one of the 10 randomly picked comments because that suggests to us that you really want this and took the time to watch the entire video! Good luck everyone!

  2. Hi, great video. I’ve also been a Vegas user for many years. I’ve had a nightmare though with v15pro. Are you guys finding it stable – I’m experience crash after crash. So much so I’ve gone back to my v12 pro. Martin

  3. Hey I am a Content producer I like the video isn't the first time I've ever used Vegas 15 and thinking about buying it Mabel hard time reading but I do everything by memory saw to watch your video of couple times and how to do it you guys made it a little bit easier than some of the other YouTubers I've seen thank you this is the first time I mess with the content creator I have a cat two content channels on PlayStation 4 twitch and YouTube and I also have same to you on Xbox One and Xbox one I have an Xbox One X so you can tell I was busy content creator I also have any gaming monitor with g-sync the real professional half so you this but this is something I've always wanted to do my whole life and I want to try it to see that it say keep the good work up thank you

  4. It is a very amazing editing tool and I think it would help me very much so I have something like this I have a Windows 10 Acer Predator laptop I don't know if it's going if it will work with a GTX 1060 computer processor to it was last year's model at the end of the year so hopefully help me out a lot not have to pay for this because I am on a strict budget and it probably will take me three months of pay this off thank you and have a good evening

  5. magix failed big time to not be able to scale it to multicore very good…
    i mean i had a xeon 14-core and it did a bad job of using all those nice multi core power…

  6. what if you cant get it to run for longer than 5 seconds without crashing? even when i finally make it to the end, i cant render it past 6%

  7. Nice video.with sony vegas 15. i could make great video in my youtube imam suhartono. I like the effects of video,it's really fantastic. but unfortunately my software was there are many bug because it was not original. Could I get this original software from you guys?please..

  8. i recently saw this video its really helpfull i hv 1 doubt how can i record voice over while playing video …?

  9. I just got this Vegas Pro 15 and I am new to it. Just wanted to do a video slide show using photos and short video clips with background music. Would love to know more on how to do this. Thanks.

  10. Hi! First I need to tell you that each of you is very articulate, and easy to understand! THANK YOU! I am making videos for our web sites (Folk Music) and (Old Fashioned Coffee House music & comedy) Randy Sparks & The Cockamamie Quartette I learn well from YouTube as I learned ProTools so I could record the band on the road, and mix the tracks for our latest CD. I love the way that each of you details the features of VEGAS Pro 15! Thank you so much!! Keep up the good work! Becky Jo Benson P.S. You remind me of my boyfriend and me in High School, we formed a rock band, and actually performed for our Senior Prom. Very cool to be THE band picked to play for your own High School Prom!

  11. honestly i prefer the look of 14 especially on my laptop where i can have the preview bigger on my low res screen

  12. If I have multiple video tracks, why does a video track I edit, also affect the track below it? It can be a color correction, or color curve that I do on the above track…why does it do the same effect on the track below it? Can I turn that off?

  13. thanks so much you guys always make such useful Vegas help videos — i followed one of your on 11 or 13 years ago and i am back for more 🙂 ….. / .. ps version 11 or 13 , not 13 years ago lolololol

  14. Nevermind Fig it out please remember if you are going to talk about new effects please be sure to show how to take it off or change

  15. Why when you enter the video format with MOV

    This format is related to DJ cameras

    magix becomes attached and becomes tired of working with it. please answer me

  16. I like the feature.. we can select same fx tabs to all the clips at a time.. no need to change everytime

  17. Great tutorial on the new features. I stepped away from Vegas and editing in general for a few years.. My old PC became way too unstable and unreliable. Anyway, new editing rig and new Vegas update. Pointing out the new features was very helpful. Thanks!

  18. thinking of moving to this from premiere pro ans that is really buggie at the moment and even though it may not be classed as industry standard, it looks like I can do pretty much most things with it that I need to

  19. Nice video,,( ONE BIG PROBLEM WITH MAKING A CHANGE TO NVIDIA CARD) on Vegas Pro 15 I made the change mine was on my Intel r processor which is shared with motherboard. After I did this a while ago I've had issues for a couple of months with my FX plugins they don't show up in the upper right corner big preview window,, I've been banging my head on the wall I finally found a video from a young kid his YouTube channel is Poison. My graphics card is the NVIDIA G-Force GTX 1060 with Max Q 4K 3840×2160 60Hz. Intel R core TM i7-77000HQ 700hq 3.40Hz. Again this could just be my computer so I thought I would mention it,, I really loved your video I just thought it'd be a good idea in case you heard of any other issues thanks again keep up the good work bye bye

  20. I have had many versions of Vegas Pro, but not 15 (currently have v14). This was my first look at it and it is truly a big improvement, especially with the ability to move objects directly onscreen. However, this version still lacks something that virtually every other pro-level NLE has — the ability to zoom the monitor, which helps work with finer details that are otherwise very small in the standard view. Just a simple dropdown that has options like Fit (fit to screen), 100%, 200%, etc. would really be useful.

  21. I watched this video with 2x speed and I feel great.
    Honestly my favorite is probably copying specific settings from 1 clip to another but also a thing that might not be super obvious.
    Adding that hotkey for a freezframe is actually just a hotkey for addding a velocity curve rather than right clicking and hovering over the insert velocity and then actually clicking it. I use velocity on almost all my broll so that will be a big time saver

  22. The upgrade worths it for me just for the "Selectively Paste Event Attributes" option. The amount of time I wasted copying and pasting settings…

  23. What I would really like to know (as an Adobe Premiere Pro user) is the ability to author and burn discs – DVDs and Blu-ray and in a number of different ways. Adobe does not care about Encore (old technology and very fussy on a good day) and has not replaced it with anything! If I switch to a competitor, I need to know that the function Adobe dropped the ball on is done significantly better elsewhere. I want the whole package that works well from capture to authored disc.

  24. Thanks for that awesome tutorial! I just upgraded from 13 to 15 and this is exactly what I needed. The tip on the Video Bus track was gold! Also, I love the non-nonsense, straight-to-the point style of your tut! No wasting time. Love it. Thanks again!! Subbed.

  25. Don't buy Vegas Pro. Sony sold it to a sleazy german company named Magix. When you install it, it will also install a start-up page on your computer that defeats your favorite start-pages in all of your browsers – and you can’t get rid of it.

  26. AA im so scared i use movavi 17 suits the best editing softwer to start with and now im going in the deep end

  27. My top reasons for regretting paying good money for this junk!
    1. It misses a hell of a lot of features that just about all other Video Editor Software has. (Even the so called "tool" Videopad Editor -selling at a fraction of the price -has these features.) The ability to work with flv files is just one of them.

    2. Videos take forever to import. An 8Gb file took more than 15 minutes to upload, and then it crashed…same file took 20 seconds with Videopad.

    3. No Pre-editing. You cannot edit out only a fraction of a video before placing it on the timeline. All edits need to be done on the timeline directly.

    4. Frame-stepping is a nightmare. Every time you want to step to the next frame, you have to first click on the hamburger menu and then select Next Frame or Previous Frame. This makes working on per-frame edits a horrible task.

    5. Not user friendly at all. With both Adobe and Videopad, it took me 20 seconds to figure out how, and then 1 click to Unlink Audio from the video clip. With this crap, I had to go Google and watch video tutorials (15 minutes worth) to figure out just how to do it…by the way, instead of just 1 click, it takes a whole procedure (first Ungroup etc.) just to do this menial task.

    There are many more things that make this the most horrible Video Editing Software I have ever worked with, but I'm just listing my top 5 peeves about it. If you want to know about the incompetence of it, feel free to message me.

  28. Whatsapp guys… How are u doing? Where's the new cover songs?? I'll waiting…

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