You Know What’s Bullshit? – DVD & Blu-ray Cases

You Know What’s Bullshit? – DVD & Blu-ray Cases

You know what’s bulllllllshit? Alright, man. I’m gonna tell you why DVDs fail, I’m going to tell you why DVDs succeed. Alright? We’re talking Blu-rays too- cuz’ Blu-rays are getting worse. I just want to talk about some of the stupid packaging that comes with DVDs. I mean first of all, why do they always have to have this thing you know we don’t need that. And then that’s not enough. Then you got to get the- the rest out. Ah! And it’s like always get stuck, so okay that’s another fuckin’ piece, all right get that out of here. And then- then what is this? It’s uh- got like- like paper things always falling out and everything. So, okay. Where are the DVDs? Where the Blu-rays? Oh, here they are. Look at this. And then it still has this stupid thing you got open up. Like, ah, like come on! So alright that’s that. Then we got “Back To The Future” on Blu-ray. Check this out! First you gotta- alright. That doesn’t do anything. Oh, I see. It’s another one of these Just throw that away. Like what- what are we going to be worried that it’s going to scratch up the front cover? I don’t care. Look at this. Like there’s no- like, there’s nothing holding the DVD it’s like you think it would just slip out, but it doesn’t. I try pulling this way, nothing happens. I try pulling up on it, then I feel like I’m gonna like break the DVD if I pull too hard. There’s these little like Thingamajigs down here, which you gotta- you know… [So] I- I don’t even know how this comes out and then, oh crap look- look at this. There are instructions. There’s fucking instructions. How to take a DVD out. A Blu-ray, whatever the fuck it is. So, look at this. Alright, so anyway, that’s that. Now this is a good one, pretty much. You just open it up, and there you go. Sometimes these things in the middle, they’re always different Some of them you got to push harder on them than others. I like these kind, they just have like the two little pieces here you push down, DVD pops out, you know. Um. This one here, this one’s pretty easy. No trouble there and obviously you don’t want to fall out, too easy because you don’t want the DVD to like- you know, get scratched during shipping or anything? But this is good. You know just snap shut That’s what I say “Gorgeous”. This is gorgeous. That’s the way you want it. This one- this one’s still pretty easy, but they’re all different. And then, this one here, Oh! It’s not opening. Ohhhh, look at this! You got to open up these little stupid fucking latches. Like what’s the point? Like- like right now, the DVD doesn’t snap shut? Like I need these things to like hold it? No, I don’t! I don’t need these! Like- like look like right now is it going to be like “Oh- oh shit, the DVD won’t stay shut!” Woops! Woops! Woops! No, you just do that, it’s snap shut. You don’t need these things. Fucking assholes.

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  1. He bitches that nobody needs the boxes and booklet yet he has all of them in his collection lol hypocrite. If his bttf box got a dent he knows he'd be butthurt lol hell I would I love my back to the Future collection

  2. The clamps on Cinderella are designed to keep small children from damaging the disc and making it harder to open the case.

  3. they produce all these weird cases to have a reason to charge more money of you… they don’t care if you don’t want or need it… „that’s how the movie comes with, deal with it… pay for it“

  4. You are a whiny little bitch ain't ya. Why don't you just take the dvds and put them in a case if you don't want the box. Otherwise just quit buying dvds. They've always been a ripoff. It costs nothing to make and they charge 25 for them. Ridiculous.

  5. This is only one reason why I quit buying ye olde hard-copies of things and went digital long ago already hehehehehe

  6. I have to disagree with certain comments. I will continue to buy dvds and blu rays until I physically can't anymore. I am not a fan of digital or streaming or whatever it is. I'd like to think they will be around for many years yet.

  7. No reason to have Cinderella either. By the tabs are to prevent your small children cant get in to your DVD collection. Only works till around age 4.

  8. If you don’t understand why there is a sleeve or artwork included with a movie, maybe you’re missing the whole point of having a movie collection.

  9. Disagree with this completely, I like sleeves and overtop packaging on my blurays. If I’m spending money on a movie, I want it to show! Just my opinion (weird things to hold the disc in back to the future is dumb I’ll admit)

  10. I'm sure someone said this, and I know it's just raw anger he spouting, but the tabs on the last one are for security. You simply twist them off and then you don't have to deal with them again. You're welcome.

  11. Another thing I can’t stand are these fucking eco cases! Can’t believe you didn’t feature those pieces of shit cases!

  12. I like the sleeves, and the back to the future are easy to get out, and the extra tabs are to help keep kids from wildly newly grabbing the disc s and breaking them, not perfect I know, but that's their reasoning for the tabs, but hon6 every thing that bothered you in this video, dont bother nd, or any one I know in person, so whatever

  13. Fuck sake you sound like 3 the sleeves are aesthetic extras some give extra value because of exclusive variants you cunt. it also gives instructions to show you how to take care of the discs for retards like you. People like you really piss me off. you choose to criticise every little thing because your life is so poor

  14. Why am I watching a guy who cannot get to the disc?
    Fuck…. Dude.. Just put your dvds in a plastic bag.

  15. my copy of trolls is blu-ray+digital hd with movies anywhere. and there is no snap tabs. disney does that.

  16. The Secret War keep case boxset literally just has all the discs stacked on top of each other
    If I need to get to a late episode I have to carefully lift each disc out and put them down on a piece of paper or something so they don't get scratched. At that point just put the fucking things in envelopes.

  17. I like the basic keep case that James showed with the Jackie Chan movie but the problem is those things apparently break SUPER easy. How many times have you ordered a fucking DVD on Amazon or whatever and you hear that telltale rattle, because the fucking thing holding the disc in place broke or just didn't keep it stuck there. I fucking hate that. And it happens WAY too fucking often.

  18. 90% of DVD cases a pretty easy to use. There was some really stupid designs though. The stupidest ones where the ones where there was many discs stacked on top of each other and they were hard to get out. Similar to that Back to the Future one, I was always afraid I would scratch those while putting then in and taking then out, espically if the discs was duel-sided. This was usually a problem with TV series. Some of the plastic releases the would hold the disc would eventually break to.

  19. I've gotta say it. If you buy the collector's edition of a movie, expect it to be more than a plastic case. He bought the collector's edition of Avatar and was angry when it unique packaging and an art book?

  20. I once sawed a film out its case, I wasn't high and hadn't been drinking. Too old and embarrassed to go back to CeX for help.

  21. My guess is those stupid little latches are either a patent dodge ,or just a dumb idea enabling to get a patent for a different case design

  22. 2:06 I honestly do not understand why there are any regular cases at all that don't have holders like that. These versions are so perfect.

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